Mr Saihou Mballow, Who recently told us in his interview at fatunetwork that, he did not “interfere” with the recent alleged case of assault between Hon. Kumba Jaiteh and a Drug enforcement officer at the same time present at the Serekunda Police Station, moreover spoke to the officers as if the Gambia Government do not have an IGP or Minister of Interior for a Youth Adviser to the President to stand in their positions.
If Mr Mballow believe that Gambians will also believe his narrative about Mr Birom Jallow GDC Chairman for Niamina West offered D1,000,000 and brand New Pick-up by the Barrow Scavengers to join their sinking ship as the then “credible and powerful “Freedom Radio use to put it. He is on the wrong side of the coin. It is not news that the Presidents NPP are in the mission of bribery to buy political base as MC Cham JNR asserted on his last news review at fatunetwork.

Politics of deception in the Gambia is known to with the NPP as it was set up after your leader hijacked a jointly formed Government in 2016 and the 3 years agreement in the name of UDP made him changed his mind. Set up a movement for a political party, and now aiming for 15 years without the UDP. Who is the LIAR and DECEPTIVE ? Be rest assured that Niamina West can never be your seat and you believe all Gambian can be wanting as you. In fact we are not talking about winning back the seat but ensure you loose your deposit. Please make sure you stand as NPP not as the comedian led NRP.

Mr Mballow need to understand that Gambians deserve and want better than the overall status quo. Only a very few competent in a Government yields ineptitude. No decisive Gambian in his or right state of mind will substitute Jammeh for Barrow in terms of leadership. Gambians will decide again and will decide the GDC under the leadership of Hon.Mamma Kandeh.


Mr Dodou A B Ndow GDC Diaspora PRO

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