Hamat Bah is at it again. The bravado, the lying, and a plain tribalist trying to invoke division in The Gambia. To The Gambian Fulas, I can tell you with authority that I know Hamat Bah more than ninety nine percent of you. Hamat Bah used to be my friend. He spent one week in my house in Raleigh in May, 2013. Hamat Bah has business with you only if he needs something and when he gets it you don’t hear from him until he needs you again.
Hamat Bah is the biggest liar and a comic in that country. He is the most corrupt and selfish human being that you can ever meet. The nickname for him among the old NRP guard is: ” Oh yatta merreh”(will not do anything for free). This is a man who left The Gambia as soon as Barrow became the coalition flag bearer. He came back to The Gambia one week before the election, and he was basically absent from the campaign trail. Now, Hamat Bah wants to be Barrow’s bulldog. This man is very dangerous to Barrow, our country, and to our meagre resources. He will do anything to enrich himself during his time in office.
Hamat Bah is more tribalist that Jammeh believe it or not. I cannot repeat the utterances that he used to say to me, but they are very disgusting to say the least. Imagine what Hamat is saying publicly now and what he would say privately. He is also a certified liar, who never tells the truth. One day we were in the car and he told me, ” Makam, belie wallai tallai, I will be President in six months time. Jammeh is seriously sick and bed ridden, you will hear his death in due course”. I just laughed and said good luck on that one. Thanks for reading.

Source:  Makam’s Facebook page.

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