A leading Gambian veteran politician Lamin Waa Juwara has renounced his support for President Adama Barrow, saying that Barrow is not only poorly educated, but totally unfit to steer the affairs of the impoverished West African nation. He also says Barrow has betrayed the wishes and aspirations of The Gambia people by becoming a dysfunctional liability President.  “I don’t support Barrow anymore and I don’t think that he knows what he wants, I think he has failed The Gambian people, I think this is the situation on the ground, yah,” Juwara told Freedom radio Gambia in an exclusive interview, which is to be aired later this afternoon on the prime time Leral show.

Quizzed as to why he renounced his support for Barrow, the Niamina Dankunku born political scientist remarked: “It is simple because Barrow is a failure. His level of commitment, his lack of knowledge and his understanding of the situation on the ground has failed him and this is what The Gambian people don’t want. He lacks the pedigree to run this country. We think that he is a failure because his level of commitment and his level of knowledge of the situation on the ground has failed him totally.”

Speaking from his Brikama residence, Juwara, widely known as “Mbarodi” said Gambians are increasingly dissatisfied with Barrow’s rule. He noted that Barrow hasn’t delivered his transitional promises and has overtime become a liability President.

“Well one has to be very honest. Things are not the way we want them; everybody feels that things are going very badly, and something should be done as quickly as possible to make sure that everything is in order. But I think with the coming election, that will be end of everything, this is a felling people have all over the country, that really the new government is not the way we think things should be going, so this is the situation now. Yes.”

When asked as to why Gambians were dissatisfied with Barrow’s rule, Juwara said: “They are dissatisfied because Barrow is not very much committed and not only committed, but I think he doesn’t know what is at stake and what should be done and I think that this feeling is very, very strong, people thinks that he is very slow the way he does thing and the way things are going, so people are not very satisfied, they are not satisfied at all.”

Juwara says Barrow hasn’t followed the footsteps of the late Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, the founding father of Gambia’s independence. He praised the PPP rule under Sir Dawda’s leadership for running a credible and functional government.

“Our aspirations are that, the Gambia really, knowingly that was onetime under Jawara, and the way things were going on, are not going the way they should be doing and the commitment is not there, the knowledge is not there, everything is slow. Jawara was a great leader and he was highly committed and people like nothing less than Jawara’s commitment and the way he was doing things,” he said.

Juwara told Freedom radio Gambia that The Gambia’s transition has failed because of Barrow’s cluelessness as a leader. He said Barrow has departed from the reform process that he was voted to replace Jammeh. He wouldn’t disclose the reforms in question, but he merely attacked Barrow’s pedigree to run the state.

“The transitional set back is because Barrow’s commitment and his knowledge about the Executive does not exist and the lack of commitment has created a lot of problems,” he said.

Further quizzed as to what was responsible for Barrow’s failure, Juwara responded: “Barrow’s failure is lack of knowledge, that commitment doesn’t  exist,  Barrow does not exist as somebody who really knows what he wants for The Gambia and this has dissatisfied The Gambian people and that The Gambian people think that Barrow is the failure in many, many respect. This is the situation now in the country.”

Juwara said it would be wrong for anyone to blame the opposition United Democratic Party for Barrow’s failure as a leader of this country.

“I think so anybody would being on the ground here blame the UDP for Barrow’s failure. I think Barrow’s failure is his own weakness, because he lacks the commitment, he lacks the knowledge, he lacks the way things should be run the way Gambians are used to, this is what is happening now,” Juwara remarked.

Juwara has called on President Barrow to handover power after his current five years mandate. He warns that the upcoming 2021 Presidential election would be a litmus test for Barrow as Gambians wouldn’t reelect him in office if he decides to rerun.

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Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

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