Mballow blasts GDC/UDP as he accuses them of trafficking fake news, as he denies an opposition newspaper reports of NPP attempting to bribe a GDC Chairman to defect to NPP


The dying GDC and UDP have been conspiring to spread fake news against the National People’s Party, Presidential Adviser Saihou Mballow told us on Saturday.  He was reacting to a GDC/UDP hit piece that was published on the opposition Daily News, accusing Mballow of offering  one million dalasis and a brand-new pickup truck to one Birom Jallow, the GDC Chairman in Niamina West constituency. According to Mballow, the malicious unfounded allegations are nothing but a figment of the GDC own imagination. He says GDC upon knowing that they wouldn’t win the vacant Niamina West byelections are now resorting to trafficking fake news to The Gambian public.

“The GDC is working with the UDP to traffic fake news. I do not have one million dalasis. I do not have pickup truck. How can I give out money that I don’t have? This is ridiculous and absurd. They are daydreaming. The GDC knew that they wouldn’t win the elections in Niamina West and now they are trading fake news. It is a GDC/UDP conspiracy,” Mballow alleged.

Mballow said he doesn’t know Birom Jallow. He was travelling from the Kombos to Kundang, when he met Birom and some villagers at Choyai. He decided to stop by to ease himself at the bathroom.

“I found this man called Birom brewing attaya with some villagers. Their attaya fell into the water. I gave them D50 dalasis to buy attaya. While waiting for Dodou Sanno and Lamin Cham at Choya, I asked them if I could use the bathroom, and they referred me to a compound, where I found a lady using the bathroom. I had to wait for the lady before I could use the bathroom. When I finished easing myself, I joined Birom and his fellow villagers. Birom told me that he was supposed to attend an Islamic recitation and the attaya was discontinued. I gave him D100 dalasis to use it for the prayer ground. I even gave him my business card. That is what transpired between me and Birom. I never offered him one million dalasis and a brand new pickup truck to join the NPP. That is a flat lie. It is not true,” Mballow said.

“Birom Jallow is not only dishonest, but very ungrateful. I met this guy during my stopover to Choya. I have never seen him in my life. The NPP does not buy voters. President Barrow’s projects speaks for itself. People are supporting him because of his hard work and sense to national development. My message to the GDC and the UDP is that they should stop lying to Gambians. They are trying to use my Choya stopover to make up lies in the event they loose the elections. They are going to lose the byelections,” Mballow said.

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