Tourism Minister Bah attacks Immigration for profiling Fullanis as foreigners; As he warns Fullanis not to vote for the “UDP rats”, saying “WE WILL ALL SUFFER IF THESE RATS COME TO POWER.”


Tourism Minister Hamat Bah has accused The Gambia Immigration Department of ethnicity profiling. Bah, who spoke at a meeting held at the State House in Banjul today, charged that his tribesmen, the Fulanis are victims of Immigration profiling and are often denied National Identity Cards because of their ethnicity. “If you are fair in completion, they would profile you as a Fulani foreigner. That is a basis for the Immigration to deny them an ID Card. Fullas are often denied ID Cards when they apply for one. Mandinkas from Kolda, and Guinea Bissau are usually given a pass. They are issued with ID Cards. They would not do it to the Wollofs from Senegal. This is a blatant discrimination. We are going to make an end to such ethnicity profiling,” Bah said.

Bah says Gambian Fullas have long been suffering from such tirbalist Immigration agents. He noted that Gambian Fullas are bornified citizens of this country and the days of any tribalist Immigration agents trampling on their citizenry rights are over.

“Fullas cannot travel freely across this country. They are often pulled over because of the color of their skin, they would just look at you and said come down, come down, you are a foreigner, you are not from this country. These abuse on Fullas got to stop,” Bah added.

Bah did not stop at attacking the Immigration Department, he also bombarded the opposition United Democratic Party, whose membership are mainly Mandinkas. He branded them as rats on the run scavenging for votes around the country.

Bah told his fellow tribesmen that the only to end such an ethnic profiling to is for them to vote for President Barrow in the upcoming 2021 elections. He warns the Fullani community to be mindful of what he called “the rats” that are going around canvassing for votes. He further that the Fullanis would live to regret it if they should vote for such rats adding that all Fullanis including he Bah would suffer in this country if the rats should assume office.  Bah was apparently taking a swipe at the opposition UDP by referring to them as rats.

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