Sam Sarrr takes a swipe at ECOWAS over the Nigerian crisis


What a paradox that Nigerian troops are currently deployed in the Gambia to maintain peace and stability where there had never been any political or social violence to necessitate it; whereas, as I am writing today, on this Wednesday, October 21, 2020 the Nigerian government on President Buhari’s watch is ordering its security forces to shoot and kill peaceful, unarmed demonstrators in the streets of Lagos. So far 20 demonstrators have been confirmed killed and several more severely injured. Yet still, the protesters, committed to fighting their rights remain defiant while the troops continue to shoot to kill.
My question is, what are the ECOWAS heads of state saying or doing about the senseless butchering of unarmed Nigerians sanctioned by the state and now a national security crisis of genuine international concerns, deserving greater attention and immediate intervention than what had ever prevailed in the Gambia?
Where are President Mackey Sall and his Warrior-In Chief, General François Njie whose orders were to reduce the Gambia to rubbles in 2016, under the guise of enforcing our electoral laws and to ensure that political and social stability prevailed in the Gambia over instability?
Today as ECOMIG, without a meaningful mission in the country these troops are better described as rapists, alcoholics, wife-snatchers intimidators and killers of Harona Jatta, a peaceful demonstrator killed because of his Jola ethnicity.
By the way where the heck is Dr. Muhammed Ibn Chambers, the most lethal UN architect behind the illegal military intervention of ECOMIG in the Gambia?
Can we now agree to the fact that the ECOWAS standby military forces for rapid deployment in crises areas within the subregion was formed purposely for Gambia? Not for Mali, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Guinea Conakry or any other member state?
Because after shamelessly proving to the entire world that they couldn’t do anything about the Malian fiasco, it is my expectation that these hypocrites will again sit on their fat asses and not say or do anything about the political flames currently burning in Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Guinea Conakry.
This hypocrisy and double standard are unsustainable and hot recipes for political and social disorder rather than otherwise.
If things continue like this, we will be better of disintegrating this useless organization having no principles whatsoever.
I am angrily watching these developments.

Written by Sam Sarr

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