Source: Gambian Dream: Top 10 Most Famous People In The Gambia 2020


Top 10 Most Famous People In The Gambia 2020

Top 10 Most Famous People In The Gambia 2020

The Gambia is located on the smiling coast of West Africa.The Gambia known as the Smiling Coast of Africa is one of the best holiday resorts in Africa ensuring that visitors will be endowed with a climate of security, tranquility, friendliness, relaxation and historical places.

It is the home to some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Gambians are also very friendly and hospitable.


Jaliba Kuyateh is undoubtedly the most famous Gambian. Jaliba is a Mandingo Kora singer. Everyone in the country pretty much knows who Jaliba Jayateh, he is known for his kora music both in The Gambia and outside the Gambia. He is currently the best Gambian musician.


The second on the list is Lawyer Ousainou Darboe. He is one of Gambia prolific lawyer and a politician, also a former vice president and minister of finance. Lawyer Darboe popular has come to face since he joins politics and his stand for democracy. He was one of the critics of the former president Jammeh and his government.

3.FATU CAMARA(Journalist)

The third person on the list is Fatu Camara. The founder of the Fatu Network. Fatu Camara is one of the most powerful media Women in the country. Her experience and professionalism left no doubt in the minds of thousands of Gambians. Fatu builds her network with her strength and toughness. Fatu is known both Gambian and outside the Gambia

4.BABA JAH(Bah Ebou-Comedian)

The fourth person on the list is Baba Jah. A Gambian prolific comedian. He is known for his unapologetic funny language. Baba Jah is one of the best well known Gambia comedian. His popularity isn’t the only Gambia, but beyond the Gambia.

5.HALIFA SALLAH (Politian)

The fifth person on the list is Halifa Sallah. Gambian politician who is currently a member of the National Assembly representing Serekunda.Halifa Sallah is a former Special Advisor to the President on Governance and the spokesperson for President Adama Barrow’s administration. He is also the secretary-general of the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism.

6.PA MODOU BOJANG(Jounalist)

The Sixth person on our list is Pa Modou Bojang. He is arguable the legendary of Gambia air wawes. Born in Brikama The Gambia and moved to the UK. He later relocated back to the Gambia after the fall of Yahya Jammeh. Pa Modou Bojang is the biggest and the most influential journalist in the Gambia. He doesn’t shy about hot and controversial issues in our society.

7.PA NDERR MBAI(Jounalist)

The seventh person on our list is Pa Nderr Mbai. Pa Nderry M’Bai is a naturalized Gambian American Investigative journalist based in Raleigh North Carolina. Mr. M’Bai is also the Founding Managing Editor and Publisher of the US-based online Freedom Newspaper INC.Mr. M’Bai, is the former Voice Of America Radio (VOA) Correspondent in Banjul, The Gambia. He has over twenty years of journalistic experience. He bagged a degree in Mass Communication.


The eighth person on the list is Sanna Singhateh known to many as ST Brikama Boyo. He is one of the best Gambia rap artists. He is known for is mandingo rap music. St is one of the most well known Gambian artists among the youth today.

9.IMAM ABDOULIE FATTY(Gambian Iman & Scholar)

The ninth person on our list is Imam Abdoulie Fatty. He is one of the most influential Islamic scholars in the Gambia. He was born on the 15th August 1960 in Borayaa Village and he is a Master’s Degree holder in Islamic Studies. The Former Saudi graduate is a former Gambia state house Imam of former president Yahya Jammeh.

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