In observing the fifth commemoration of the passing away of the late Honorable Alhaji Landing Jallow Sonko, the entire PPP membership prays for Allah the All Mighty to grant him the highest Janna. Hon Sonko was son of Sika in Upper Nuimi, did his primary school in Essau, high school at Armitage High School and his teacher’s Certificate at Yundum College. After qualifying, Sonko served in several schools in the provinces as a teacher which included Essau, Albreda, and Pakalinding.


In 1972, under the PPP ticket, Honorable Sonko won the vacant parliamentary seat in Upper Niumi Constituencyand quickly rose to become a minister where he heldseveral ministerial portfolios such as Tourism, Local Government and Lands, and finally Health ministry until the despicable military takeover in 1994.

As a victim of Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s misrule, he lost two of his homes to the junta, as Jammeh forcefully and illegally seized two of his hard-earned properties. We will continue to engage President Barrow and his government to return the assets of Honorable Sonko, the PPP, and all the former ministers as soon as possible.

”The late Honorable Landing Jallow Sonko played significant roles in the reorganization of the PPP in 2001. Our first executive meeting after the lifting of the ban of the PPP was held at his house. He devoted his time to our great party and was always loyal to the party until his untimely demised in 2015. He possessed a unique ability to discharge the most onerous responsibility with poise, passion, and understanding. His passing leaves a huge void in our public life and our intellectual ecosystem.” Hon. Omar Jallow.

Hon. Sonko, connected well with citizens, and the welfare of the poor, women, and the marginalized were his concerns. He strongly believed in the PPP and demonstrated absolute loyalty to the party. He was at the forefront of protecting and fighting for our democracy during the brutal dictatorship of Jammeh, and was among the much-liked face of our Party, who could articulate the Party programs and ideology to a wide spectrum of our society. Such was his commitment to the Party’s ideals that late Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara mentioned him in his book. “I revisited my diary where I jotted down some important thoughts which when through my mind on Thursday, 26 July 2001 during my phone conversation with Landing Jallow Sonko. I congratulated him and the others who, after much brainstorming, had arrived at the idea of reviving the PPP. I advised that the party rise up again on the basic principles of MULTI-PARTY DEMOCRACY, respect for HUMAN RIGHTS and the RULE OF LAW. I recommended the immediate take-off with the groundwork for the re-establishment of the party”. Sir Dawda Jawara (in his book Kairaba on page 424).

Finally, we are appealing to all PPP members and Gambians to continue to remember and pray for the late Honorable Landing Jallow Sonko and his family.

Singed ​​

Hon. Kebba E Jallow

Interim Secretary-General and the Party Leader

People’s Progressive Party

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