Mama Sarr resigns from SSHFC because of child custody battle, she claims; Is she telling the truth?


It’s a great shame that while women are being forced to literally choose between their careers or their children, some feel it’s funny to write about it and insinuate other hurtful reasons for people’s absence from work. My child custody battle with my ex husband to be able to work in Gambia is no secret to many close to me, I decided to keep it off social media because there are children involved and I would like to appeal to all concerned to consider this and respect our privacy at this time.

I have been an advocate for my fellow women especially in terms of careers, health, gender based violence and discrimination in part due to my own personal experiences. Despite my own personal struggles, I will continue to do my best to support vulnerable people in our society.

I hope we one day, will have a society that will support and empower women to have both a career and family and situations like mine will not affect future generations. Thus onwards we march………

I thank you in advance for please respecting my privacy but most especially that of my children who are very innocent in all of this and deserve to be protected. If anything, I appeal to all of you to keep us in your prayers.

Written by Mamalinguere Sarr

Source:  Mama’s Facebook Page

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