Gambia: Rampaging UDP Councillor, who resisted arrest, charged with disorderly conduct!


Good morning my boss Editor Pa,

Alagie Ebrima Foon, a UDP Councillor, was invited to a meeting by the Governor alongside some councillors at the office in Janjanbure and it was about COVID 19 and during questions and answer sessions, Mr. Foon was said to have blamed the president of the republic for the proliferation of COVID in the Gambia by saying that the president is touring the Gambia with thousand of supporters without any respect for the law. He went further to insult the President’s mother in the mamdinka language, this the time, the deputy Governor, Lamin Darboe intervened and asked Foon to sit down but he refused and continued to rant and saying abusive words towards the authorities. He went further to say that both the Governor and Deputy Governor of CRR were bastards and these words didn’t go down well with the authorities, they then called the deputy commissioner of police in CRR, Mr. Juldeh Camara to help in getting this guy out of the meeting ground. DCP Juldeh Camara also called the Station Officers of Janjanbureh Police station, Inspector Jamanka who left for the Governor’s office with police officer and upon arrival at the scene, Mr. Foon was found so aggressive and the meeting hall was filled to capacity.

The deputy Governor ordered that the councilor escorted outside and when the police approached him to go out, he insisted and said the police do not know their job, he physically resisted arrest after the police informed him that he was being arrested for breach of peace in a public place, as he continued with his erratic behavior, the police forcefully removed him from the hall and escorted him to the Janjanbure Police station, where he continued his insults in the presence of Officers and regional authority. Mr. Foon was then charged with Prohibition of conduct and resisting lawful arrest and is to appear before a competent court of law any time soon.

However, this is not the first time Alagie Foon is exhibiting such unruly and erratic behavior in public. Some two months ago, he was said to have taken on the chief of Janjanbureh, Bakary JAM JAWO and used abusive words and threatened to kill the chief. He also threatened the CEO of Janjanbureh Area Councilor with death and both matters had been discussed and compromised out of court..

He was said to be jobless all his life until he came back to contest under UDP as Councillor.  In fact, he’s releasing audios on UDP WhatsApp forums insulting both the police and the governor with his deputy

Written by our Correspondent

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