My Thoughts On Omar Sarjo


I was on tears when I was reading your article about Omar Sarjo. I was so emotional. I was a shock to know that our government can just come up with a speculations and make it a reality. I know Omar Sarjo. We attended the same school but he seniored me. He was a good athletic, good footballer. Very down on earth and very human. Since I knew him I have never heard where he tried to create violence.

When we heard of his allegations the first thought on our minds was “hey! But government can lie” they said Sarjo is not a Gambian” this news shocked everyone but never thought this ‘ll affect him much because we believe after their investigations they will find the truth and relief him from this trauma.
Sarjo is a Gambian, born and raised in kabekel. What is been said of him was just a conspiracy of UDP and Masaneh Kinteh just has he made mentioned. He is a Gambian and he don’t deserve what is happening to him. It’s only you put yourself on hi shoe to understand what he is going through.
I just pray for a deity intervention to put an end to this. If the government of Adam Barrow thought everyone in the army is a joke, then they are making fool out of him. See No should be freed.
My Regards.

Written by Anthony Mendy
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