On the Omar Sarjo Citizenship issue: Kexx Sanneh Says Sarjo’s dismissal was unconstitutional


The change was to adhere to the Constitutional provision in the execution of our function more especially executive.The dismissal of Omar Sarjo and others from Army on the claimed that they’re not citizens of the The Gambia is unconstitutional and dictatorial.

According to Ebrima G. Sankareh the government spokesperson some soldiers are removed from the army because they’re not Gambians  and they acquired citizenship fraudulently to enroll into the service.

The Constitution is very clear section 13 subsection 1(b) it reads “Minister may apply to the high court if anybody who have acquired the citizenship of the Gambia by means of fraud, false representation etc .

Then if this is the Constitutional provision that should guide our functions in the execution of our duty, then who give the order to dismissed the soldiers without the due process of the law.

Who can determine the citizens of a person? The Constitution is very clear, it’s the high court alone that can identify that a person is not a citizen or have acquired citizenship fraudulently and the court will declare that person to have acquired it fraudulently and deal with the person as required by the law.

So the dictatorial act should stop with immediately and follow the due process of the law if we mean change from the practice of the former regime.

It is important that those authorities who are given the responsibility should go and read the Constitution and act on what is provided for them to carry their responsibilities. That’s the NEW GAMBIA we expected nothing more nothing less but the language of the Constitution.

The country is not a jungle or a lawless country but a country with laws that should guide our action and it’s every citizen role to uphold and defend the Constitution of The Gambia.

Written by Kexx Sanneh

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