Three top Directors of The Gambia Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DELAG) have been accused of stealing over 50 kilograms of cocaine from the drug squad main exhibit store, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The three Directors implicated in the alleged theft are: Demba Jammeh, Director of Drug Scientific and Analysis Unit, Bakary Gassama, DELAG Director General, and Lamin Gassama, DELAG’s Director of Investigation, Intelligence and Borders. The implicated Directors have been accused of supplying stolen drugs to one Momodu Musa Ceesay, a prominent drug dealer for sale. Momodou Musa Ceesay AKA dayday, a native of Pakalinding, had been selling stolen drugs that were supplied to him by Demba Jammeh, the Director of Scientific Unit. Jammeh was alleged to have been acting in concert with the two Gassamas to dispose the stolen cocaine to Momodou Musa Ceesay for sale.

The drug theft incident came to light, following a planned raid on Momodou Musa Ceesay’s home, when (he) Ceesay informed Momodou S Baldeh, DELAG’s intelligence Director that  he (Ceesay) was aware of the planned raid and that the drugs he was selling was supplied to him by Bah’s superiors at  DELAG. Ceesay went as far sending a snapshot of the text and audio messages that he had exchanged with Demba Jammeh, the Director of Scientific Unit, DG Bakary Gassama, and Investigation Director Lamin Gassama, regarding the stolen drugs that were supplied to him by the command to officer Momodou S Baldeh. The planned raid was subsequently aborted.

Amazingly, while Intelligence Director Momodou S Baldeh was trying to forward the incriminating text and audio messages he received from Momodou Musa Ceesay, to DG Bakary Gassama and Director Lamin Gassama, he mistakenly sent it to Tijan Bah, the Deputy Director of DELAG. Bah then showed the text and audio messages to Jim Drammeh, the Operations Director. Jim was stunned by the content of the text and audio message his colleague Directors had exchanged with Momodou Musa Ceesay. Mr. Drammeh then insisted that the matter should be investigated.

An internal investigation has been constituted at DELAG to probe the stolen cocaine exhibits. No independent third party is taking part in the investigations. The thieves at DELAG are investigating themselves.

A preliminary report coming from the panel that was constituted this past Tuesday, has revealed that Director Demba Jammeh, has been frequenting DELAG office at night. The diary keepers said Jammeh had visited the DELA offices on numerous occasions at night and would spent five hours during his visits. But Jammeh said he visited the DELAG office only twice at night.

Demba Jammeh used to work with the police before his transfer to DELAG. He left the police at the rank of an ASP. He was appointed Scientific Director, even though his Deputy Pa Samba Bojang had more experience than him. His appointment had created a bad blood between him and Bojang, insiders said.

Meanwhile, Demba Jammeh, a native of Badibu, has threatened to let the cat out of the bag if the two Gassamas should throw him under the bus. He is at the epicenter of the DELAG exhibit store theft case.

As the DELAG’s Directorate are battling with this major internal exhibit theft case, attempts to have Sheriff Sanyang, the Director of Admin to take over the exhibit store, has failed. Sheriff has refused to oversee the exhibit store. He insisted that the cocaine theft must be investigated before the drug store would be handed over to him. He also wants to see a transparent audit of the exhibit store.

The officer behind the exposure of the exhibit store theft case Momodu S Baldeh, is a grade nine dropout. He is the son of the late police Commissioner Jatta Baldeh. He was promoted from Inspector to Chief superintendent. He is still the head of DELAG’s special unit. That unit are stationed at CTI, in Bijilo.

Meanwhile, DG Bakary Gassama was quoted telling his colleagues that he wouldn’t mind being fired, that he would accept God’s decision come what may. His colleague Investigation Director Lamin Gassama said his wife and kids are not living in the country, and he owns three luxurious houses, one of which had been rented to a South American man. His tenant is a Venezuelan national.

There was no contact information available for the DELAG’s spokesman Saidyba to shed light on the story. Insiders said the implicated DELAG Directors are planning to remove Saidyba because they suspect that he is loyal to Deputy Director Tijan Bah.

The police spokesman Superintendent Lamin Njie was contacted for comment, but he said he was in bed. He has asked us to call him back later.

Multiple and reliable authoritative DELAG sources have confirmed the exhibit store theft case.

The exhibit theft case is being treated as a secret affair at DELAG. Management is working vigorously to conceal the theft case. However, the likes of Jim Drammeh had insisted that justice must prevail. They want the implicated officers to face justice.

In another development, there is a confusion at DELAG. Officers are refusing to take over cocaine exhibits from their fellow officers.

Officer Sanna Jallow, wanted to hand over some cocaine exhibits to officer Neneh Sowe, but she refused. Demba Jammeh, the man accused of stealing over 50 kilograms of cocaine with the other two Directors, then attempted to hand over the said cocaine to officer Burama Jammeh, but Burama too wouldn’t accept the drugs from him, unless it is tested. But the Investigation Director Lamin Gassama said the drugs won’t be tested.

It should be noted that few drug cases are usually taken to court at DELAG. Seized drugs are often categorized as fake drugs and later released to the market for sale. The officers, who should be combat drug trafficking, are now stealing and selling drug exhibits.

Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

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