The Freedom Newspaper recently reported the arrest of the famous Samba  Camara, the proprietor of the Sam Real Estate Company. Sam and his co accused persons were taken into custody over the alleged assault of some residents Bafuloto. They were later granted self-bail.

Sam has been accused of demolishing peoples’ homes in Bafuloto. He is highly connected. He has strong ties with the State House in Banjul.

Nothing is going to come out from that case. We will tell you, what we know in a minute.

A State House insider said he has been seeing Sam at the President’s Office on a weekly basis. In fact, there are records available of his recent visits to the State House.

For those of you who doesn’t know Sam, Sam, is President Barrow’s close buddy. He used to work with Barrow in the Real Estate industry, prior to Barrow ascending into the Presidency. Sam used to share the same office with Barrow.

Sam is also a close buddy of Amadou Sanneh, President Barrow’s nephew. Sanneh is the one running President Barrow’s Majum Real Estate Company.

This country’s landscape is under attack. Lands are being grabbed by the likes of Sam and other dubious so-called Real Estate owners.

Innocent landowners are having their homes demolished without court order.

The authorities are complicit in the land grabbing. They aid and abet land grabbers.

Meanwhile, Sam has allocated some of his so-called estate land to the Ministry of Tourism, per insiders familiar with the deal. The designated land in question has been numbered with erected black plates in each plot of the land allocated to the Tourism Ministry.

Sam is untouchable. He has the backing of the Presidency.  His arrest was just a decoy to fool the people of Bafuloto.  As stated above, nothing is going to come out from his case.

His movements within the State House are being documented. There are good citizens around the President, and they are keeping an eye on what is unfolding within the State House.

President Barrow should dissociate himself from his old land dealers. Using them as proxies to pursue his growing appetite for land, would only endanger this country’s national security.

Poverty stricken Gambians are already paying the price. They are being forcefully evicted from their homes without legal recourse or justification. Some had died because of land dispute, some critically injured.

Just yesterday, over 50 residents of Mamuda had their homes demolished to the ground. The demolition occurred during the COIVID-19 global shutdown.

Gambians are battling with acute water shortages, constant electricity cuts, hunger, massive unemployment, and broken healthcare system and yet this heartless regime doesn’t care about their plight.

While responsible governments are helping to prevent their citizens from evictions, Barrow’s government is allowing the demolition of peoples’ home. What is happening in this country is insane.

In today’s Gambia, land grabbing, robbery, white collar crime and official corruption have now become the order of the day. Violence and criminality are on the rise.

It should be recalled that President Barrow’s predecessor Yahya Jammeh was also accused of land grabbing. A similar trend is being repeated under Barrow’s rule.

The Real Estate sector is a broken sector. It has been dominated by phony individuals.

Please concentrate on elevating  the suffering  of the people and stop the land grabbing.  We also implore you, to fight corruption. Investigate and prosecute corrupt officials.

Stop the war on rendering citizens homeless, save them from rental evictions, Please declare a moratorium on land demolitions, until the COVID-19 pandemic is tackled.

We know that your pockets supersede Gambia’s interest, but for God sake, please spare the poor during this deadly COVID-19 pandemic. We rest our case.

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