The Mamuda land dispute crisis is far from over. As we pen this dispatch, Mr. Bojang’s demolition team are preparing to resume the demolition on either Monday or Tuesday. The angry villagers are also planning to organize a protest march to stop the demolition exercise.

Mamuda is located in Kombo South, in the West Coast region of The Gambia. Dozens of private properties have been demolished to the ground, leaving many residents homeless.

This followed mounting tensions over the weekend amid a land dispute crisis, leaving dozens of homes demolished, homeowners burning tyres, and barricading roads opposing the demolitions exercise. The police intervention unit (PIU) were deployed to the scene of the protest march to restore calm in a community located in the West Coast region of The Gambia.

A native of Jambour is claiming ownership of the disputed land. He was accompanied by the police and judicial officials to execute a purported court order that he claimed was granted to him to demolish homes in that locality.

But the angry villagers said they were not aware of any court order which justified the demolitions. They have accused the Jambour man of illegally demolishing their properties.

The Mamuda residents have been scheduled to meet with the police Commissioner of the West Coast Region on Monday. They are expected to raise their grievances during that upcoming meeting.

The Friday protest march was defused by the police. The police were onsite to plead with the protesters to give peace a chance.

According to judicial sources, the demolition exercise would resume in Mamuda as scheduled. Sources said there are other homes that are yet to be demolished in that village.

The Jambour man is determined to resume to the demolition exercise as scheduled, our sources said. The villagers have also been rallying each other to stop the planned resumption of the demolition exercise.

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