Gambia: Breaking News: Real Estate Developer Samba Camara Allegedly Refuses To Comply With A Court Order To Vacate Bafuloto Lands!


The proprietor of the Manor Real Estate Samba Camara has refused to comply with a court order that was issued asking him to vacate lands that he had occupied in Bafuloto village.  The land in question belongs to Mafugi Bojang,  Alkalo Manko Saidy and others.

Samba Camara, a former close associate of President Barrow, was recently invited to the office of the West Coast Governor Lamin Sanneh. Sam was told by Governor Sanneh that he had been occupying that land illegally.
Sam was also advised by the Governor to comply with the court order and vacate the landed properties. Camara hasn’t complied with the Governor’s advise.  He has also defied the court order. He is still claiming ownership of the landed properties in Bafuloto.
Sam was taken to court by the late Alkalo Manko Saidy and Mafugi Bojang. The lawsuit was won by the villagers.
Alhagie Jobe was asked by Mr. Saidy to serve as the Kabilo head.
Sam took the land after the death of Mako Saidy.
It would be recalled that some thugs, who were hired by Mr. Sam Camara, recently assaulted Alhagie Jobe, soldier Yoba Jallow, a pregnant woman and others in Bafuloto. Jobe suffered an injured head, while Yoba Jallow was left with a broken leg.
Jobe, Jallow and co were attacked by Camara’s hired thugs.
The UDP Brikama Councilor Alieu Darboe was said to have lured Jobe and Jallow into the streets where they got attacked by Malian hired thugs.
Darboe hasn’t checked on the injured Bafuloto residents. He continues to go about his business.
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