A Gambian land dealer Amadou Ceesay has denied encroaching into the land of one Joesph Gaye of Norway.  Ceesay, widely known as Orderly, made the denial in an interview with this medium. His denial followed accusation that he allegedly used the Station Officer of the Latriyaa police station to arrest Jobe’s masoner, who was working on the property.

Speaking to Freedom radio, Joe Gaye, has accused Ceesay of allegedly encroaching into his legally acquired Latriyaa 60×60 landed property. He added that Amadou Ceesay, emerged from nowhere and started claiming ownership of some portion his land.

According to Gaye, Ceesay has been using the police to harass and repossess people’s land, a charge denied by Amadou Ceesay. Ceesay said the allegations are false and unfounded. He maintained that he owned 30 meters of that disputed land.

Joe said he was shocked to learn that Mr. Ceesay had used S/O Barry to arrest his worker. His worker was detained and later released on bail. He wasn’t charged with any offence.

Joe said the person he entrusted is land was one Katim Saine, a police officer. Katim’s brother was the one arrested by S/O Barry. He added that Katim personally visited the Latriyaa police to protest the illegal arrest of his younger brother.

While at the Station, he said, the furious Katim Saine tore the statement that Barry had obtained from his brother. He said Katim was reprimanded by IGP Mamout Jobe. Katim was demoted from the rank of an Inspector to Sub-Inspector. Both Katim and IGP Jobe hailed from Ballangar.

Gaye has alleged Amadou Ceesay was allegedly being backed by the likes of IGP Mamout Jobe, S/O Barry, officer Omie Sey  and co to escape from his alleged land grabbing.

Ceesay has denied the allegations. He said he has been merely his rights by reporting cases to the police.

According to Joseph Gaye, Amadou Ceesay, is highly connected at the police.  “He invited top officers of the police during the opening of his new house. The officer graced that occasion,” Gaye said.

Mr. Gaye has sued Amadou Ceesay to court over the disputed land. That case is yet to be decided.

Mr. Gaye has called on President Barrow to look into the activities of “corrupt” police officers. He said innocent Gambians are now becoming victims of police brutality and corruption.

“My case with Amadou Ceesay wasn’t a criminal case. It is civil matter. He went to the police lied against my masoner. The masoner was alone working on site. Amadou has been using the police to harass people. The police have no business in land dispute cases. Such cases should be handled by the courts,” Gaye further alleged.

“When I phone officer Barry, he couldn’t justify the arrest of my masoner. He has denied arresting him, he claimed that he invited him for questioning because he wanted to prevent the commissioning of crime. He talked about the issue of cutlass. I told him that my worker wasn’t armed and never involved in any confrontation with Ceesay,” he added.

Amadou Ceesay has rejected the accusations. He has in turn accused Joe Gaye of illegally occupying his land.

IGP Mamout Jobe couldn’t be reached for comment.

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