I was listening to your show on Sunday and carefully listened how caller after caller were complaining about how Amadou Ceesay a rogue land dealer is bribing the police and physical planning officials with the backing of the ministry to take away their lands in Jabang.

The land in question as highlighted in the above map in Jabang belongs to Jobe Kunda. This was an agricultural land owned by their father. When the land was converted to residential land, they gave 70% of the land to the government which is now the Social security estate in Jabang. So Jobe kunda maintained the other 30%. The picture above is from Google earth and anyone can have access to it. It should measure 1000 meters from the main Jabang highway in land and then 300 meters on the other site. The yellow line is the 1000 meters measurement.

The Jobe Kunda family has been selling plots of land from this area since around 2007 with clearance from the Physical planning and the high court. These plots have been sold to mostly Gambians in the US and Europe and some have already started developing their properties and some have even moved in with completed housing.

Fast forward to 2017 after the government was sworn in, Amadou Ceesay known as Oldy came from nowhere and claim to represent the people of Jatta Kunda and started selling fenced properties of people claiming that the Jobe Kunda family went beyond the 1000 meters allocated to them. Amadou Ceesay (Oldy) has no family connection to the area nor did he have any legal rights to any of the lands in the area but he goes around selling properties that have not been develop to sometimes multiple people. He has created so much havoc in the area that the police stopped everyone from any development in the area. He has deep connections at the ministry of Lands and physical planning that they decided to come up with a fake new committee  to remeasure the area after physical planning did the measurements many years ago but anyone can easily use google earth to the do the measurements to clearly see that Jobe Kunda are still within the 1000 meters.  The yellow line in the map is the 1000 meters. He bribed everyone in that committee!

My house is about 500 meters from the road and not even close to the area that is disputed but the police stopped me from proceeding with my construction since April of this year. He bribed the Latriyaa police and they patrol the area to stop anyone even making blocks. The is ridiculous and outrageous and should be stop !

Many people believe he bribed the IGP and his wife. The IGP’s wife is the officer responsible for the Brusubi Police station which also oversees the Latriyaa police station. If you hang around the Latriyaa police station you will see Amadou Ceesay going in and out acting like a CID officer. He goes around the area threatening workers to stop working or he will have the police arrest them.

I just wanted to send this note to let you know that what the callers were saying is true.

Thank you for your service.

Samba Jallow

Editors note: The author’s opinion piece do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. His claims are being treated as mere allegations until proven otherwise. Thanks for your kind attention.

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