The NPP newest supporter Businessman Sillaba Samateh, has recovered his seized assets, this medium can reveal. Sillaba’s assets were seized by the erstwhile Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. This followed his legal wrangling with the state, which resulted to Samateh jumping bail and absconded to the Netherlands. Jammeh in response, decided to seize Samateh’s assets without court order.

Sillaba had a pending arrest warrant against him prior to the change of government in 2016. That never stopped him from returning home,  following the fall of Jammeh.

Sillahba Samateh was slammed with five count charges, including obtaining money by false pretence, money laundering and sedition back in 2014, the Standard Newspaper reported.

He was also charged with defaming the image of former President Yahya Jammeh.

“He is accused of receiving various sums of money amounting to D64,000 from Umar Ndow, Mohamed Ceesay Ikemefuna Izuchukwu under the false pretences that he had cocaine which was given to him by the president of The Gambia for sale in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The state further alleged that Mr Samateh, with intent to bring the name of the president into hatred, contempt and or disaffection uttered seditions words to various members of the public to wit: “The president of The Gambia called me to return from Holland to The Gambia to come and handle his cocaine business,.” said the charges.

“The allegations further revealed that Mr Samateh did receive €10,000 from Umar Ndow under the false pretence that he was going to use the money for the procurement of spare parts to carry out repairs on a military helicopter intended for use in the transportation of gold to Freetown, Sierra Leone in 2009.  It was also alleged that he transported money (euros) into Brusubi, Banjul and other places in the Gambia from Holland, the United Kingdom and other places in the World with the intent of concealing the illegal and or illicit origin and source of the money between 2008 and 2010,” the paper further reported.

Sillaba returned to The Gambia, following the change of government in December of 2016.  Sillaba’s assets have been returned to him.

Few weeks ago, he was accompanied by the police intervention unit officers (PIU) to evict one Manu Gomez from his Burusubi house. The two storey building is located at the Brusubi turntable. There is a mini market at the said property.

Mr. Gomez is claiming ownership of the landed property,  but Mr. Sillaba Samateh said the property belongs to him.

It has been gathered that Sillaba was able to convince the courts that the seized properties belong to him.  He has since recovered his assets.

Sillaba is a strong Barrow supporter. He has been extending help to the police by building them pavilions along the busy streets of KMC and the Greater Banjul Area.

Sillaba was contacted for comment via his Facebook messenger, but he wasn’t online to speak to us.

Below is an unedited message we received from a concerned Gambian. The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your kind attention.


Yeah the scene happened in the evening, around 3 to 7pm, I closed from work and found it happening within our neighborhood. Although I didn’t take photos of the incidents because the ones involved were my neighbors and I had to intervened in calming down the situation down. But I can give you a hint of the story and The particulars whom were involved in the scene. It was SillahBa Samateh and one Manu Gomez the former Alkalo of Tranquil.

I will advise you to please send in your reporters to come and make their findings from both sides because this is a developing story and the family of the Alkalo aren’t in any form relenting in their efforts to get back their land. This is actually what happened.

During Jammeh’s time, SillahBa Samateh, was away in exile after he has an encounter with Jammeh. Jammeh seized some of his properties and included was a two leased storey building right at the BRUSUBI TURNTABLE where you have today’s mini market. He secured it from that Manu Gomez who actually happens to be owner of the land.

Upon SillahBa’s coming back after Jammeh left, he claimed ownership of the said two storey buildings and started his business after using the court’s to reclaimed it. Manu took it in good faith and decided to stay in his self contained inside the same compound with his family. SillahBa has been deeply involved in politics of recent following his pledge of supporting Barrow. Today upon closing from work , I came and found Paramilitaries occupying the whole streets and then driving this gentleman out of his compound with the declaration that it’s a court order. The paramilitaries men came forcefully inside the house forced the man and his family outside of their compound and locked up the compound which resulted in a bit of fracases in between the paramilitary men and some family members. Relatives and Some neighbors within the neighborhood had to accommodate the man and his family to sleep for the night.

This is what had happened and please if you can send in your reporters tomorrow please to come and ascertain this burning story please.

Thank you Fatou.
A concern Neighbor.

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