The controversial and outspoken leader of The Gambia Action Party Musa Batchilly has accused Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) as a witch hunting Commission that is not helping to unite the impoverished West African nation.  Mr. Batchilly made the accusation during an interview with the Fatu Network on Thursday.

The rambling Batchilly said the TRRC has of late been reduced itself as a Commission that would allow its witnesses to attack President Adama Barrow during their proceedings.

The Sarahule born politician said the TRRC operational mandate has nothing to do with President Barrow, but to investigate past cases of human rights violations committed during the past Jammeh administration. Sadly, he said, the Commission is allowing witnesses to lambast President Barrow.

He added that the TRRC was set up by President Barrow. He couldn’t understand why President Barrow’s name is now becoming a theme of discussion at the TRRC.

“I have no confidence in the TRRC. The TRRC is a witch hunting Commission. They are bringing witnesses, who are attacking President Barrow in their testimonies. Barrow has nothing to do with the TRRC. The TRRC was set up to investigate the past administration, but now we are hearing witnesses blaming President Barrow,” Batchilly remarked.

Batchilly has also took a swipe at the TRRC staffers, saying that they should be grateful to the former President Jammeh. “Some of them working there, were sponsored by Jammeh. They should be grateful to him. They should say good things about him,” he said.

Batchilly doesn’t believe that dictator Jammeh is as bad as portrayed in some quarters. He said Jammeh was far better than the late Ghanaian President Jerry Rawlings.

“They are branding Jammeh as one of the worst criminals on earth. Look at JJ Rawlings. He is being celebrated in Ghana. He was worst than Jammeh,” he said, adding that President Barrow should learn to forgive and forget.  He warns that the TRRC is likely going to fail if the Commission doesn’t change its operational modus operandi. The politician has called for impartiality and the unification of the nation.

Reporter Lamin Njie issued a disclaimer when Batchilly attacked the Commission. He warned Batchilly to be mindful of his pronouncements or he might risked being arrested, but Batchiily remained defiant. He said he wasn’t afraid of be arrested. “ I have the right to speak my mind,” he said, adding “no one would arrest me.”

According to Batchilly, the Janneh Commission,and  the Constitutional Review Commission had become “white wash failed commissions.  He cautioned the TRRC to avoid becoming a failed commission.

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