Should the Barrow government be charged for COVID-19 Deaths?


Should the Barrow government be charged with Deaths?

The elderly and the young are dying in The Gambia, because of the Coronavirus. The deaths have been attributed to the government’s apparent failure to fight the deadly virus.

Millions have been spent on tackling the pandemic, but it is not reflecting on curbing the infection rate. Social distancing is not enforced. Testing and timely reporting of infection cases are not followed.

In every Gambian household, a suspected Corona case would be reported, but there are no efforts made by the government to encourage its citizens to do voluntary testing. Everyone is going about his or her business.

The last time I checked the Health Ministry’s Facebook page, there was no new Corona infection case reported. That page has been dormant for weeks.

The Ministry of Health and the National COVID-19 response program haven’t been holding press conferences to update it citizens on the nation’s Coronavirus situation.

It appears that reporting of cases, have been halted for now.

If you ask around, they will tell you that it is tourist season time, the COVID control rules have been relaxed, that the government doesn’t want to scare visiting tourists.

True or false, it doesn’t make sense to me. European countries have been hard hit by the virus, there are lockdowns in Europe.

There is Corona denial in The Gambia. Some do not believe about the existence of the virus.

The other day, I phoned The Gambia and asked a senior citizen,  if they were taking safety precautions to prevent themselves from the deadly virus and this is what he had to say: “ We heard about the virus, but it hasn’t reached here yet. They said it is in Senegal. Many homes are suffering from cold. People are coughing.”

I was stunned by the old man’s response. He doesn’t know there is Coronavirus in The Gambia. I then told him there is Coronavirus in The Gambia, and they should wear mask to prevent themselves from being infected.

As we report, The Gambia has stopped testing death bodies. The recent deaths have not been tested for Corona.

The media have been allocated D15 million dalasis COVID-19 bailout. We hope they will use that money to hold the government accountable. They should continue their reporting on COVID related cases. They shouldn’t  allow the government to control the narrative. The health being of Gambians should supersede a government information “control program.” You owe it to our people. Please do your job!!!

The Government stand to be accused of not using the COVID funds to test and protect its citizens from the virus. It also stands to be accused of abdication of duties by failing to protect the elderly.

The Health Ministry and the COVID response program should go back to work and report COVID cases. They should also raise public awareness on the deadly virus.

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