The Chairman of the Kafuta VDC Mr. Malang Jatta has denied the D20 million dalasis embezzlement allegations leveled against the Kafuta VDC. He said the allegations were  totally false and unfounded.

“Mr. Mbai, these are just mere allegations. I think I will get back to you on the full story because it is the same group of people, who petitioned us to the Brikama Area Council. The ward committee and the VDC committee of are looking into their allegations, they are investigating the case.  So, I don’t know why they are jumping on going to the media, claiming that they are going take us to court, so it would be better to wait for the outcome of that,” Jatta remarked.

Jatta added that the allegations were not only false, but totally unfounded. He rejected the allegation that the VDC had allegedly embezzled D20 million dalasis of the village funds.

“They are on a media propaganda. The allegations are unfounded. It is completely false. They cannot substantiate it,” he said.

Mr. Jatta has also debunked accusations that his VDC had allegedly embezzled the funds that were accrued from the village’s sand mining project. He said his VDC has brought development in the village.

“Mr. Nderry, we are going to show you the developments that we done. You can even send someone, if you have anyone in The Gambia, to go verify those projects in the village, but as of it now, the case is under investigations. We do not want to preempt it. Let them go out and make their media propaganda, or whatever, but we are going to come back to you guys and clarify every false claim that they made,” he added.

When asked whether he has been questioned by the Brikama Area Council, Jatta responded in the affirmative.

“We were called by the Brikama Area Council, we also learned that they were also called by the Brikama Area Council,  this you could verify through the Chairman or the PRO of the Brikama Area Council, So, I don’t want to go into the details of that,” he said.

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