The Gambian Swedish fugitive Sabestian Jamal Emile Jobe has finally been deported to Sweden, Freedom Newspaper can report. Jobe has been living in The Gambia for about a year prior to his deportation. He was on the radar of the Swedish police amid allegations that he was wanted for multiple murders. Jobe has been accused of murder, attempted murder, threatening violence and money laundering. He is the son of Abou Denton Jobe, a Banjulian native. His mum is a Swedish Caucasian.

Reports have it that Jobe’s three brothers have already been detained in Sweden on murder related charges. He was arrested in The Gambia, following an Interpol arrest warrant.

Jobe’s arrest came at a time, when he had already started settling down in The Gambia. He bought a multi-million house at the Dalaba Estate.

He registered a fishing company. He also had brick company.

While hiding in The Gambia, the 29 year old Sabestian Jamal Emile Jobe, was also  engaged into philanthropic ventures. He has built a mosque in Brufut, sponsored students, and created employment opportunities for the youths.

He has left his new Gambian girlfriend Mariama Bojang behind.

Little did Jobe knew that his arrest was imminent. The police Interpol in Banjul were alerted by their counterparts about the presence of the Swedish fugitive in Banjul.

A search was mounted on him and he was later arrested. Jobe has been detained for close to one month at the Banjul police station.

His Lawyers had failed a motion in court, asking the court to restraint the state from deporting him. That court action never saved him.

He was deported in the early hours of Friday. He was never given notice to leave the country voluntarily. He was just grabbed, placed under custody and deported.

Sweden and The Gambia have no extradition treaty.

Police say Jobe had overstayed in the country and that was a violation of the country’s Immigration policy. He was subsequently deported.

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