NPP Sweden Chapter Appoints Executives


NPP Sweden Chapter Appoints Executives
“The National People’s Party (NPP) is growing both nationally and internationally. The President, s newly formed party is everyday beating the imagination of many especially those who claimed that the party lacks the support from diaspora Gambians,” said newly elected official of NPP Sweden.

According to official, within the past twelve months NPP had built branches around the globe especially in United States and Europe.
Recently over hundred Gambians in the Sweden inaugurates the NPP and elected the executive committee task with responsibility of canvassing support for the party both in Sweden and in the Gambia, statement made available to The Voice said on Wednesday.

The statement revealed that Mrs. Teneng Ndure was elected the chairlady, Yaya Dampha, coordinator, Mamakaddy Bajo secretary whiles Momodou Yaya Fofana and Aji Fanta Touray serves as the chapter’s spokespersons.
Reacting to her position as chairlady Mrs. Teneng Ndure commended NPP members for having the trust in her and vowed to work hand in glove with her team in taking the party to higher heights.
She called on NPP supporters to be of good character and respect the views of others and also said with her phalaropist gesture and social mobilizer she has no doubt serve as a catalyst for NPP to grow and not only Sweden but Scandinavia as a whole.
She promised to work with all the NPP chapters and the party, head office in Banjul in advancing the agendas of NPP.
“With NPP and President Barrow my major concern is how to empower the Gambian women and girls. We will support and empower women in the market, gardens and horticultural farms so that they can be economically independent,” Mrs. Ndure stated.
For his part, Mr. Yaya Dampha NPP Sweden coordinator said politics is all about ideologies and ideas that can better the lives of the people.
He sighted infrastructural developments and road networks and electricity expansions all over the rural Gambia as good starting for President Barrow.
“The freedom of speech and liberty in the Gambia today is equal to none in the entire Africa. These amongst others make our campaign easier for us,” Mr. Dampha pointed out.
He also highlighted the importance of education and mass awareness whilst calling on NPP supporters all over the world to desist from politics of insults and violence.
Both Aji Fanta Touray and Momodou Yaya Fofana promised to use everything within their powers to promote the agendas of NPP.
The statement said the two mouthpieces of the party are also known for their aggressive mobilization for support to their party and president Barrow. Chairlady Teneng Ndure, Mamakaddy Bajo, Mariama Ceesay, Karamba and Aji Fanta Touray have since recruited many Gambians in Sweden who joined National Peoples Party NPP.
The NPP is growing its support base in Sweden and its members are mobilizing support in all the regions in the Gambia in order to reelect President Barrow in 2021 General elections

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