The High Court in Banjul has granted a request to prevent the deportation of The Gambian Swedish fugitive Sebastian Emile Jamal Jobe. The ruling was delivered today by Justice S Wadda Cisse, Freedom Newspaper can report. But Jamal has already been deported to Sweden. He was placed on board a private jet and escorted to his native country Sweden, where he has been wanted on murder charges. Three Gambian Immigration Officers: Hatab Bojang and one GID officer with regimental number (GID7) flew with him to Sweden. We are yet to establish the name of the third GID officer. Hatab Bojang led the deportation team. Amadou Kujabi, a police officer was also on board the flight. There were Swedish officers on board the private jet as well.

To prevent his deportation, Jamal hired two lawyers: Kebba Sanyang, Gambia’s former Justice Minister and a Nigerian Lawyer Mene. He sued The Inspector General police, the Director General of Immigration, the Minister of Interior, and the Attorney General, and asked the High Court to restraint the heads of the institutions concerned from deporting him.

While his case was pending for hearing at the court, The Gambian authorities last night grabbed Jamal from police custody in Banjul and handed him to the Swedish police, who were at the airport with a private jet. There was no court order to justify what appeared to be “the kidnapping of Jamal from Banjul.”

Jamal’s father Abou Denton Jobe is a Gambian national. His mum is a Swedish Caucasian.

Immigration records showed that Jamal arrived in The Gambia on January 5th, 2020. He was issued 28 days tourist visa.

Authorities in Banjul said he overstayed his welcome and as such he had broken the nation’s Immigration laws.

Just in time, a request for his arrest and deportation to Sweden was made by the Swedish authorities. A criminal complaint filed with Interpol, has accused Jamal of committing multiple murders, threatening violence and money laundering.

Swedish Interpol officers were already in Banjul to pursue him. They worked with their Gambian counterparts to effect the arrest of Jamal.

Jamal was held in police custody for close to one month before he was deported.

In delivering her ruling on Friday, which was witnessed by Jamal’s lawyer Mene, High Court judge Justice S Wadda Cisse said an interim injunction is hereby granted restraining the DIG of Immigration, the Interior Minister and their servants or agents from deporting Sebastian Emile Jamal Jobe. Justice Cisse further ruled that the previous deportation order that was issued on November 20th, 2020 against Mr. Jobe shouldn’t be enforced “under any guise from deporting or repatriating Jamal from The Gambia to Sweden, a foreign state (with which The Gambia does not have an extradition arraignment) or any other foreign state in connection with alleged offences committed in Sweden, pending the hearing and determination of the summons on notice.”

Jamal’s case was subsequently adjourned to December 4th.

The state was absent when today’s ruling was delivered. There was no representation from the state.

Jamal left his registered fishing business behind. He also owns a brick laying company.

Meanwhile, the Swedish press is reporting that Jamal was arrested at the airport in Sweden, as if he had returned to Sweden on his own volution, which wasn’t the case.

Jamal has been taken into custody by the Swedish police. His case won’t be heard until March of 2020.

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