NO “Loans” To Employed & Well-Paid People??!!


NO “Loans” To Employed & Well-Paid People??!! 

Editor Mbai,

I think the debate over the NAMs “loan scandal” is misguided and deceptive! The blunt question to be asked upfront and in-your-face is this:-

Why should Gambian tax-payers give “loans” to officials whom they, the tax-payer, already pay a salaries, housing allowance, travel allowance, further education scholarships, per diems, etc, etc.? 

Just bear these stark facts in mind while considering the question:-

“Gambian youths make-up 65% of the population”, says the head of the Gambia Youth Council today.

“38% of Gambian Youth are unemployed”, says the UNDP Report also signed by Alieu K. Jammeh, the Youth and Sports Minister at the time.

40% general unemployment suggests the World Bank, though the IMF says “no data”.

48% is the poverty rate given by the World Food Programme though others says as much as 80% of the rural population live below the poverty line of $1.25 dollar a day.

So why should people who already have good, safe and secure jobs with all the benefits above including a pension contribution, take further loans from their government employers, from state-owned enterprises like SSHFC, and from registered-charity employers whose funds belong to the people?

With respect to My Learned Superior Yakumba Jaiteh’s argument that giving them loans would prevent them from being corrupt, my answer to loans for NAMs, public officials and Non-Governmental Organisations (registered for public benefit) would be a BIG FAT “NO!”. If we want them to stop being corrupt and stop stealing, let us bring back hanging – for corruption and theft from public coffers.

Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, London, UK.

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