Dr Ismaila Ceesay Should Resign


I want to congratulate my brother Dr. Ismaila Ceesay for his election as a Presidential Candidate in the upcoming 2021 Presidential Election. Besides that, I want to advise him to consider resigning as a Political Science Lecturer at the University of the Gambia due to conflict of interest.

It is my opinion that university lecturers need to elevate their rhetoric and conversation to the level of intellectual excellence that will be guided by facts.  At this point, as the Leader and a Presidential Candidate of a political party essentially cast doubts about his ability to be impartial in class.

Undoubtedly, at this point, Dr. Ceesay will not have the aptitude to teach facts to the Political science students, for he will use all the opportunities to teach students in a manner that will advance his political agenda, and he will try to suppress pieces of information that will benefit his political opponents.

My argument is not only base on his propensity to be impartial, but his ability to examine all the facts and the discussion of the implications of those facts, and his capacity to discuss the challenges and the conclusions he will make. A university lecturer should not be there to advance his/her political agenda but to enlighten and advance the pursuit of scholarly knowledge and intellectual discourse.

Our brothers and sisters are paying for an education they deserve to avoid their time wasted with someone who happens to be popular because of his profession as a lecturer and decides to use that influence to canvas vote to become president.

It is my candid opinion that it is unethical for him to continue teaching contemporary politics in our university. Clearly, without a tidbit of doubt, Dr. Ceesay will focus his discussions in class on the controversies of other political parties and not the scholarly pursuits of excellence.

It is evident in all his interviews and public statements and is enough reasons for one to question his ability to be neutral. That is why I am urging him to resign to avert a potential polarization of our university, and for the sake of fairness to his political opponent’s resignation will be a step in the right direction.

Kebba Nanko

PPP Propaganda Secretary, USA Chapter

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