Gambia: Kebba Nanko reacts to Dida Halake’s piece

Dear Pa
Dida Halaki, first impressive about my article was correct, but he failed to correctly contextualize my article to her 17yrs old daughter.
Her daughter was right, this is why i said “It is my opinion that university lecturers need to elevate their rhetoric and conversation to the level of intellectual excellence that will be guided by facts” the issue is not about his right to opinions, is about how conflicted and compromise his opinions are.
It is also about credibility and trust between him and his students. My argument is base on conflict of interest and his ability to guide students to arrive at a logical conclusions.
Just like how judges sometimes recuse themselves in some cases where they feel their judgment might be compromise due to certain influence.
Unfortunately Dr. Ceesay found himself in the same situation.
I am optimistic,  if her daughter is aware that Dr Ceesay, is leading a political party and also a presidential candidate she would instead arrive at my conclusion that he should resign.

Kebba Nanko

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