Gambia: OPINION: Chaos at the CRC over Staff Welfare Benefits! Head of HR & Administration, Raymond Sarr leaves the CRC


Chaos at the CRC over Staff Welfare Benefits!

Head of HR & Administration, Raymond Sarr leaves the CRC

HR & Admin Officer, gets sidelined for the acting role as Executive Secretary Omar Ousman Jobe sees Amang as a strong and stubborn contender after his remarkable role in spearheading a Petition signed off by Staff of the Secretariat on Friday 16th October, 2020 with regards to entitlements owed by the CRC to both current and ex- staff during the course of their service with the Constitutional Review Commission.








Former Head of HR & Administration Mr. Raymond Sarr is an experienced Human Resources Professional who served with various institutions in The Gambia.

His Assistant, Amang having been a great resource to the institution is smart, intelligent, discipline and results oriented and has always been a hard puzzle to crack which makes him a tough contender for Executive Secretary Omar Ousman Jobe.

Omar Ousman Jobe is bias, untruthful and  can only welcome Officers who are ready to get twisted around a finger.

It is believed Omar Ousman Jobe ran his watery mouth on Raymond Sarr to Commissioners at its final Commission meeting held at the Secretariat on Saturday 17th October, 2020 in a manner many see as a complete betrayal of the trust Raymond once held in Jobe.

The relationship between HR & Admin. Officer Amang Sanneh and Omar Ousman Jobe became stale as Amang known to many as Pa became a strong advocate for the masses to the anger of Omar Ousman Jobe; a liar and flat assed leader of his people.

Both Pa Amang and Raymond graduated from reputable Universities in England, United Kingdom and have been known to be bold and outspoken when it comes to Employee matters.

Another HR Department Staff is earmarked to succeed Raymond Sarr while other Officers of the HR Department join the list of employees whose contracts with the CRC end on 22nd October, 2020.















Omar Ousman Jobe sees capable Staff as a threat to his plans.

Omar Ousman Jobe has facilitated the award of contracts to friends and close associates in return for kick backs and most often inflated invoice prices on procurement.

One such award of contract is that of the Mass Lowe tune on the CRC which got featured on QTV.

We all knew there was something in it for Omar Ousman Jobe and many other activities at the Secretariat.

He is greedy and always finding a way of lining up his pocket through unnecessary requests done through its Finance Department.

“I do not want to work with anyone that has their name signed off on that Petition”, a desperately sounding Omar Ousman Jobe is heard in a phone conversation with another Senior Manager  of the CRC.

At the time of writing to the Press, the CRC Secretariat is being run by a total of less than 12 employees till January 2021.

Written By a Concerned Citizen

Editor’s note: The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. The claims made above are treated as “allegations” until proven otherwise. Mr. Omar Ousman Jobe and those named in this report would be availed the right to reply if they deem it imperative. Thanks for your kind attention.

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