Re: “Dr Ismaila Ceesay Should Resign!” 


Re: “Dr Ismaila Ceesay Should Resign!” 

I agreed with you Kebba Nanko … but only for one minute until I asked my 17-year-old daughter Jainaba’s opinion!

“Why should he resign?”, she asked, “Are political science lecturers not allowed to have an opinion?”

And indeed, Kebba Nanko, I thought of my favourite USA lecturers, MiT’s Noam Chomsky who has been a professor at MiT for 60 years and Dr. Cornel West of Princeton/Harvard – 40 years. They are both radical progressives – lefties or even “commies”! But no one challenges their right to be professors.

So Professors do have opinions – and their jobs are protected inspite of their opinions with which we might disagree. And in actually fact, those Professors whose opinions are clear to all their students can make the best teachers … because their opinions are clear and open to challenge from their students. As a student at two universities in Scotland, one being Dr. Ceesay’s own Edinburgh (he was still in nursery school then!), I had conservative professors and I loved challenging them – and they enjoyed being challenged.

Sorry Kebba, I should not have mentioned this to my daughter; she was cooking and the wise ones amongst us know to leave women in peace in their kitchen!

PS: Editor, this does not mean that I support Dr Ceesay Elites Alliance, sorry Citizens Alliance!

Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, London.

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