Well Done Freedomnewspaper! 

Editor Mbai,

Man, you must treat yourself to a bottle of champagne and send me the bill! (Sorry, brew some Attaya then and celebrate!). You got JUSTICE for Fatou Njie – better and quicker than ANY court would have done. BBC’s WATCHDOG programme has been famous for this kind of “social justice” reporting for nearly 40 years. If people had a complaint about a company they simply gave the story to the BBC and the BBC sent under cover reporters to investigate – similar to that Ghana reporter who exposed Ghana’s Judiciary’s corruption and got so many judges fired.


If Mrs. Njie had had to go to court to get her D120,000 back, it would probably have 3 years – and all the D120,000 that she would have got back, assuming the judge is not in Universal’s pocket, would have ended up in her lawyer’s pocket. Fatou Njie would have ended up with nothing even if she had won in court!

As it is, it took only one front-page story from Freedomnewspaper for Mrs. Njie to get her money back. This is the quickest and most satisfying case of JUSTICE I have come across (besides cases of Yahya Jammeh threatening to “fry” people in “hot oil”!).

Well done again, and we must reduce Universal Properties “sentence” by one third – that is the reduction of tariff that judges would normally give you if you plead guilty at the outset and apologise. Well done Universal for owning up and settling so quickly.

Keep up the good work Pa.

Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, London, UK.

PS: Lakers had a good PRACTICE SESSION against the Clippers last night – the real game for us is against LUKA on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas.

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