The Deputy Organizing Secretary of the United Democratic Party Ebrima Dibba has branded President Adama Barrow as Gambia’s biggest thief. “ Adama Barrow has no moral standing to accuse his former UDP colleagues of corruption. Barrow is Gambia’s biggest crook, he is the biggest thief in this country,” Dibba told Freedom radio Gambia.  Dibba was speaking in an interview with this medium.  

President Barrow has recently told his followers during his meet the people tour that he has documents in his possession linking former officials of his government to corruption. Barrow did not mention names, but he insisted that some of the sacked officials were engaged in criminal activities.  He also accused them of selling out to businessmen.

According to Ebrima Dibba, Adama Barrow, should be the last person to preach against corruption in The Gambia. Dibba said Barrow epitomizes corrupt.

“He was talking about the UDP not having a bicycle when he came to power, that the UDP got cars, and motorbikes because of his rule. That is not true. That is the figment of his own imagination. Barrow ascended to the Presidency as a poor man. His Mankamang-kunda family home was a grass house. He used his office to build storey building there within four years of his rule. He has used his office to amass wealth at the expense of impoverished Gambians. You tell me, who is corrupt here, Barrow or Ousainou Darboe? Barrow is corrupt to the core,” Dibba further alleged.

Dibba said Barrow has trust issues, and Gambians do not believe in his leadership. This he said, has been confirmed by what he called Barrow’s failed meet the People’s tour. He added that Barrow has been hiring crowds to attend his useless tour.

“Barrow is very unpopular. Gambians have turned their back at him. He is betrayer. He never honors his promises. No wonder people are not attending his meetings. He is spending a lot of money on crowd renting,” Dibba said.

According to Dibba, Barrow’s rule would come to an end in December of 2021. He said Gambians would vote in a UDP led government to end the incompetent and corrupt Barrow government.

Dibba has also accused the Barrow government of buying time by colliding with the IEC to postpone the January 14th voter registration. Dibba said the regime doesn’t want the more thirty thousand diasporan Gambian holidaymakers to be registered by the IEC. He said most of the holidaymakers are UDP supporters.

Dibba has accused the Barrow regime of trying to rig the 2021 elections. He said his party wouldn’t settle for anything other than free, fair and transparent election. He has asked Barrow to start packing because the UDP is going to render him a one term President.

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