Opinion: An Attempted Coup in United States of America


An Attempted Coup in United States of America 

Americans of all political stripes and persuasions were horrified when they saw a mob breaching the barriers of the U.S. Capitol. Not since August 24, 1814, the day the British sacked Washington and set the White House and the Capitol Building ablaze, has there been such an assault on the Capitol Building. President Trump invited his followers to descend on Washington, on January 6th. That was exactly what they did! To further add to Americans’ dismay, these goons were goaded by the President of the United States and his family, hours earlier, at a rally. He told them to march to the Capitol Building and “stop the steal”. He fed them a stream of falsehoods that they can storm the Capitol Building and stop the certification of Joe Biden’s presidency. As a result, 4 people are dead.

I mentioned the fragility of “Democracy” in a previous posting. What we saw today is an attempted coup. The only defences were the strong government institutions, especially the military and the courts. The authorities should have seen this train wreck coming. Donald Trump’s brain is not capable of processing [defeat]. Today, January 6th, is the last stop for the train of [democracy] to President elect Biden’s inauguration. There is no more legal or constitutional remedy or recourse left for Donald Trump, after January 6th. He and his family knew that–and his minions knew that.

The Republican Party is to blame for Donald Trump’s trampling of democracy. They enabled him for 4 years while he broke every norm of decency and good governance.  Their belief that they should let him nurse his bruised ego and that time will heal the wound, is totally misguided. The [truth] should be the moral compass of every human being. As Winston Churchill famously said, “a lie can go halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put on its pants—but the truth will always prevail”.

The Trump presidency was based on deceit, lies, and intimidation. Today’s actions by Trump’s followers are a fitting culmination to a Sordid & Sad presidency. No Hollywood, Bollywood, or Nollywwod producer could have written a better final chapter of Donald Trump’s presidency.


Tumbul Trawally
Seattle, USA

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