The Coalition-2016 is the “MENE, MENE, TEKEL,PARSIN” of The Gambia… They want to individually “RULE or RUIN.” PART 3(A)/3


The Coalition-2016 is the “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN” of The Gambia… They want to individually “RULE or RUIN.”

Saturday 10.10.2020

PART 3(A)/3 (SB Sabally´s Cocktail of Multi-Facts): Drink from it…and you´ll feel “Not Bitter But Better.” Feeling and mere figments of the imagination are no substitute for facts and truth. How much better to be a beacon of truth rather than an instigator of condemnation.

The Supreme Gift of Wisdom is “First, Learn to  listen.” “The power of a bold idea uttered publicly in defiance of dominant opinion cannot be easily measured. Those special people who speak out in such a way as to shake up not only the self-assurance of their enemies, but the complacency of their friends, are precious catalysts for change.” ― Howard Zinn.

I speak as briefly as possible because too much harm has already been done with irresponsible words of bitterness and selfish Partisan Tribalism Political opportunism. I speak as simply as possible because the issue is too great to be obscured by eloquence. I speak simply and briefly in the hope that my words will be taken to heart. Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. I speak as a Gambian. It’s not about one´s ´SabalIy Kunda´ or ´Jarjue Kunda´ or ´Tootaala Kunda (Nameless).´ It’s about our Gambia. The Gambia belongs to all of us – all of us. I should have no fear (of death) because I believe in our country and the good principles on which it was founded. No threats will move me. Truth should never get in the way of running a good story. 

The Great Divide and Rule of Political Uncertainty in The Gambia. “Political Party Survival (PPS)” – “UDP on UDP”: H.E. “Darboe´s loyalty cult” and H.E. “Barrow´s loyalty cult”…

POLITICAL SYMBIOSIS: The Strange Bedfellows (Friends) of Trinity in a ´Mutualism´ Symbiosis: (AMO) Adama Barrow (NPP), Mai Fatty (GMC) and Ousainou Darboe (UDP). They all knew what they wanted in this so-called friendship: – that nurture of presidential ambitions. The Presidency. Who will leave it for the other? Only one person can be president. Like always, the weakest and insignificant person leans on the most strongest for eventual survival; so Mai Fatty opportunistically leaned on Ousainou Darboe; like in a two-man ´obligate´-/ ´commensalism´ symbiosis against and or with one but the more advantageous and stronger person, in a ‘facultative’ symbiosis with Adama Barrow – who was already the president. I told many that, “These three will end up betraying and fighting each other, and Barrow might win – might, because he is at a better position…” In addition “If Darboe wins, he will still first sacrifice Mai Fatty.” (Here, I was thinking and hoping that the Coalition 2016 will honour their word to serve only “3 Years” when Barrow would drop out of political life and leave all for grabs in elections by Darboe. People say, “My Dream Comes True,” but I say “My Prediction Comes True,” when Mai Fatty was first dismissed. And later, Ousainou Darboe was also dismissed. And Adama Barrow alone remained victor from the trio desperately vying for the Presidency. The duo are at work, to ensure that not Adama Barrow´s government alone would end, but that The Gambia as a ´unified´ Nation would literally as well go under – in total political ruins, as if saying; “We may go down. But we will take the Barrow´s government with us. We either “Rule or Ruin”…”

God´s Truth has no relations. So one shouldn’t be hypocritical. The Gambia´s Main Problems – It’s the (1) So-called ´Diaspora´ Gambians (as Citizen Journalists), (2)PRC-JolaFoni vs UDP-Mandinka (that Partisans Tribalism Politics – PTP) and the (3) unmanageable “Split in the UDP”.

(1)   So-called ´Diaspora´ Gambians (as Citizen Journalists).

A FORUM OF HATE AND CHARACTER ASSASSINATION:  Many felt reluctant to speak out publicly. However, I am now encouraged by what is being traded on Social Media Platforms, to take a stand. Yes, and you will not like it. I will begin my brief remarks by denouncing the fact that some Gambians and members of the political parties were turning the politics into “a forum of Partisan Tribalism Political hatred and designed character assassination.” I urge and earnestly call for an unreserved renewal of “the right to independent responsible thought” and a return to the principles of the Gambianism as “the nation of unity and prudence.”

Citizen journalism has become increasingly popular with the rise in popularity of smartphones. I´ll but also call these smartphones, ´dangerous phones.´ Everybody today operates as a citizen journalist collecting and reporting of any ´false´ information via social media, public platforms, etc. about any incidents. The internet has vastly expanded the ability to access information and communicate with others around the world. Yet this new technology has also made people vulnerable to abuse of personal data, disinformation, hate speech, harassment, trolling, foreign manipulation and more.

The Gambia has long enjoyed worldwide respect as the greatest “Smiling Coast” nation in the world. But recently that “Smiling Coast” character has too often been debased to the level of a forum of hate and character assassination (on Social Media) sheltered by the shield of Partisan Tribalism Political immunity.

I read an article (Freedom NP, Dec 11.2021 – “Of Darboe’s Distasteful Personal Politics. Why the UDP leader needs to sanitise his rhetoric and leave President Barrow’s father to rest in peace” – By Yaya Dampha (Sweden) NPP Coordinator). He highlighted UDP´s Ousainou Darboe´s words thrown at NPP Adama Barrow: “President Barrow did not inherit anything from his father.” Let us remove the word-title of ´President´ out and use the real name. Now, it would read; “Adama Barrow did not inherit anything from his father.” Mr. Dampha continued; “I have now believed that use of vulgar language is an accepted standard of normalcy within the UDP.” Barely one month (11th Dec-11th Jan); Mr. Dampha has been vindicated by his words of foresight; “It would have been an explosive affair if such unpleasant remarks were uttered by President Barrow. Our lousy media would have drummed it up and labelled it a threat,….” Yes, “Dr. Baba Jah” (name Ebou Bah), threw back the same statement; word for word at Ousainou Darboe (Freedom NP, 9. Jan 2021 – “GAMBIA: BABA JAH STEALS THE NPP BANJUL MEETING;…”). He said; “I have been a UDP supporter since 1996. We breastfed Ousainou Darboe. He was poor like a church mouse. ´He never inherited wealth from his parents.´ He should be grateful to President Barrow. If it were not President Barrow, he wouldn’t enjoy the freedom and liberties that he is enjoying today. President Barrow freed him from jail. Darboe is Gambia’s most ungrateful and divisive leader.” My anyalysis: „Ousainou Darboe is a Family Father and Party Leader and Former MOFA and Former VP.   Adama Barrow is (also) a Family Father and Party Leader and also the PORG. The UDP elements converged on Social Media Platforms, in particular the Facebook to haul taunting remarks and insults on the person of Baba Jah for what they call; “BJ was out of oder and grossly disrespectful of our father and UDP leader…” That is laughable! Is Adama Barrow not others´ father and a party leader? It is ironical that we Gambians can in political rallies, and debates on Social Media, directly or indirectly, by any form of words, impute to any Gambian who is not a part of us (political party or tribe) any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Gambian. Yet if we say the same thing in return about their political parties or leaders we can be stopped on the grounds of ´being out of order´. It is very strange that we can verbally attack anyone else without restraint and with full political/tribal protection, and yet we hold ourselves above the same type of criticism here on Social Media. Surely, the Gambian should be honest enough to take self-criticism and self-appraisal. Surely, we should be able to take the same kind of character attacks that we “dish out” to others.

Many of us, Gambians in the diasporas, spend our invaluable times calibrating our languages (like my faceless Grammar Teacher and Master), giving pious speeches about morality and good governance. We simulate patriotism with big talks and gestures, but we do not behave like a patriot. Many of us are as corrupt and self-serving (the likes of disgraced ex-Diplomat Bamba Mass, Gambian Embassy, UK)

(2)   AFPRC-JolaFoni vs UDP-Mandinka (that Partisans Tribalism Politics – PTP)

Citizenship is not a product of human imagination. Citizenship is a shared responsibility. Remember “Every Gambian is a brother to every other Gambian”. An example of a Fulani proverb is: “Hab’b’ere buri ginawol (Actions should be judged according to intention). True, Yaya used the Jolas for his own benefit, and brought the Jola-hatred on the whole tribe. Yes, he castigated and provoked the Mandinka tribe…  The ideas you hold in your mind and heart help to form the facets of your personality that make up the real “YOU.” I have enemies but I do not fear them. What scares me most is the current insincere political leaderships of our country. I will seriously warn that the greatest danger facing our Gambia today is the marriage of insincere politicians with The Gambia´s political destiny. And when the Coalition-2016 came in; its Minister of Interior, Mai Fatty (GMC), for one thing applied the weapon of naked tribalism not only in the offices, but took an active part, heading the operations physically to purge the Jolas from their positions and appointments they held in Yaya´s time, disregarding the fact that they all carry the name „citizens of the Gambia„ to which we all rightly answer proudly. They victimised the Jolas with unbriddled tribalism, openly disempowering and making them the most disadvantaged people today whose voices are not readily heard; for nobody listens… (Visit the Fonis and talk to the people…)

The president of The Republic, His Excellency Adama Barrow (the 55 Independence Celebrations message) said: “Politics is not about the language we speak or the ethnic group we identify with, it is about the nation and development and future. While ethnicity contributes significantly to our richly splendid culture and stands out as a “diverse” source of strength, if weaponised for selfish reasons, ethnicity has devastating consequences. It has plunged many nations into protracted conflict, destruction and great instability.” And the American clergyman and civil rights activist Rev. William Sloane Coffin Jr. said;Diversity may be the hardest thing for a society to live with, and perhaps the most dangerous thing for a society to be without.”

The name H.E. ´Yaya Jammeh´ is been deliberately used as a key factor fanning tribal hatred – that revenge towards the Jolas and Fonis. “They hate us here – The Gambia, our Gambia, all of us…,” one Old-Pa said. We say, “Two wrongs cannot make a right.” But is that so? Yes, we can honestly agree that Yaya Jammeh surrounded himself with the Jolas in all of his government key positions, in particular at the Security Services. I am not proud of it, but I realise I need to grow into understanding this deeply rooted new ugly face of The Gambia, “Partisan Tribalism Politics-PTPto be able to be part of the dismantling of it. The Coalition-2016 came to power. We can now say, “Two wrongs make a right.” The SSR, so designed and intended for erasing Yaya Jammeh´s traces. Discriminations and deprivation, what a bad way to treat fellow citizens!  The Jolas became the SSR´s first target and victims. Dismissals rained on them. One may think the jolas enjoyed during Yaya Jammeh´s rule, but they have no idea; how the Jolas have survived several difficulties and catastrophes. Most of them are all gone, removed from government positions and replaced. The Jolas face double jeopardy in the so-called “New” Gambia. But what is new in the New Gambia apart from intensified political tribalism and acrimonious attitudes towards the body tribe of Jolas and Foni? There is the wrath of the public and the wrath of the law. They are generally law-abiding, but when out of desperation they fall foul of the law, the result can be pretty severe due to perceptions. We saw the case of late Haruna Jatta (Kanilai-2017) and how Mai Fatty lied about the whole case. Can Mai Fatty´s hypocritical „out of date“ calling for justice for Haruna Jatta´s murder be a good music to our ears? No! Mai Fatty is trying to be all things to all men (Foni Jolas) – pretending to do things that will please everyone. Luckily we have (or one believes) a fine Constitution and the rule of law that makes it possible to ultimately find justice. Thanks to the recent acquittal of military personnel on treason allegation charges that were politically and tribally motivated…

The plight of Jolas (living in the Fonis) has been especially heartrending in a country bristling with Partisan Tribalism Politics PTP. Since Yaya Jammeh left the political scene and Mai Fatty became the Interior Minister (Coalition government), Jolas are treated as (if they were/are) second class citizens in their own home country that they probably have occupied (Gambia River Basin) well before the coming of the Fullani and Mandinkas tribes. (History is the Judge).  We must destroy those who follow Yaya Jammeh (APRC), and we must take his followers as enemies – hate them and wage a great political tribal war against them” became the tribalists unwritten slogan, especially on Social Media Platforms – Whatsapp. The defenders of pseudo-democracy and the defenders of other such false political ideologies (who have no knowledge of their own history or right or wrong) defended ´their´ democracy simply for the sake of it, and they mixed their falsehood with the Truth and their phantasy with the Reality. Sometimes they call their democracy a ´limitless´ freedom, or a ‘right’ (to do and say anything…). That is total rubbish! There´s no limitless freedom anywhere on this earth.

The Jolas and Foni need the best chance for political peace in years. Yaya Jammeh gave them no peace. This is perhaps not an overestimation. On the surface, Yaya treated the individual Jolas as his „right hands“ requesting total loyalty from them – and anything short of that was unacceptable. The Jolas, especially Kanilai Jolas suffered too much under Yaya´s watch. He took all that they had, their farmlands (he made into his hotels/gardens/zoos…), and gave them back nothing in return, but imprisonment and death. Like all Gambians, they merely collaborated willy-nilly. “A knife that does not spare its own scabbard will not spare another´s scabbard.”(Saying)

And Gambians MUST STOP this nonsense of seeing and labelling the Region of Fonis and Jolas as enemies and troublemakers against the Barrow-led Coalition Government. The Fonis is merely an opposition´s (APRC) stronghold. It is Democracy! Period. Bakau and the Baddibus were in those days the same (opposition strongholds) for Late Sheriff Mustafa Dibba´s (NCP) against the PPP of Jawara. But we never saw this madness in the name of PTP.

May Allah Grant us all an Honourable Mention of Truth on the Tongue (HMTT). Amen!

To be contd. PART 3(B)/3…

Sana-Bairo Sabally

Kassa Kunda Village,

The Gambia

The views expressed in this article are my own and do or may not necessarily reflect your stance. “If you don’t like my story, write your own” ― Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

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