Uganda Should Not Miss an Opportunity


Uganda Should Not Miss an Opportunity

What a regime or a government represents, could be a matter of political opinions held by different actors, whether incumbents or contenders for power. However, far from this generality is the fact that when a leadership turned tyrannical, and devoid of a sense of direction, it would become evident to everyreasonable person that such leadership is fated for a chaotic endespecially when it turns out to be very oppressive to the very people it is meant to serve. This type of leadership or rather mis-leadership in the character of the contemporary mis-leadership in Uganda is bound to fall. Museveni is bound to fall but Ugandans must push him to fall, and fall excellently hard.

In the other hand, a genuine progressive leadership could highly be on individual prudence or built around the enlightened personality of a leader. The same is more true thatthe quality of servant leadership, a selfless desire to be of genuine service to the masses is unique of those who are visionary and seek to achieve extraordinary goals, such as the now lonely struggle of the People Power Movement and National Unity Platform (NUP) to end tyranny and the senseless rule of Museveni in Uganda. That is the leadership that Mr Bobi Wine represents. Ugandans should not miss an opportunity to elect him President.

Like Pierre Cabanis argued, Museveni cynically believes with classic arrogance that Choices must be made not at the bottom, where [according to his reasoning] they are necessarily made badly, but at the top where they are necessarily made well [Even though the opposite is through about his case].” He did not believe in the reasonability of the People of Uganda to elect their leaders but in his hoary head, his might, and the desire to accomplish what is evidently insatiable wants which are not necessarily relevant to the welfare of the Great People of Uganda but self. He doesn’t believe in the democratic expression of the People’s will. For him, his will is the SHOUD of the People, not the reserve. So when he shamelessly said in 2017 that he is “I’m not anyone’s servant…” that was the very psyche of a dictator laid bare before the world.

The character and phenomenon of dictatorships around the world are very identical. Museveni’s dictatorship is not different either but it somewhat represents a new (but not strange) and particularly dangerous kind of tyranny…One which has the endorsement or enjoys the SILENCE of regional and even the international community, the tyranny that murders, kidnaps, unlawful jails, and steals audaciously before even the camera.

As long as a nations ruler commands with such repressive cum destructive schemes, and inhuman typescripts, the very existence of the nation is threatened. Therefore, the very existence of Uganda as a nation-state is currently under threat. Under threat from a misleadership that is tearing apart every fabric of its society. Therefore, it should be the realization of every Ugandan that its future, CANNOT be secured by the leadership described above. Not by the mis-leadership of Museveni, because he represents the manifestations of ‘a will to the power’ that rejects all moral limits and asserts amorally that “everything is permitted’ in his quest to maintaining power because he dwells in the insane realm of utilitarian calculation, where his only joy lies in the manipulation of the masses and destruction of his perceived “enemies;  and the protection and progress of his “People”, ( I mean, his shameless enablers, and the less informed masses most of whom he lured into believingthat they still belong to tribes instead of a nation, especially in Western Uganda).

Dictators would always be dictators, therefore regardless of what Museveni does, UGANDANS MUST NOT MISS AN OPPORTUNITY to bring an end to, and shame despotism through the ballot box. It can be done. The crucial characteristics of the masses and the manifest reality of what has been proven throughout history is the fact that unity of the masses presents an unsurmountable strength, revolution.  I have no reason to interrogate the consciousness of Ugandans to rise above the childish propaganda of a stammering old war Lord, to resist and bring the crumbling tyranny to its old knees and restore probity in the face of the government of the people of Uganda.

Here is a call to the service of the nation, and no Ugandan should therefore allow the very egocentric features that engulfed Museveni and his team to overcome him or herself.

All men in uniform must equally not allow themselves to be used as tools for the oppression of the legitimate will of the People of which they are part of. Every police and soldier should be ready to live, serve, and die for the country only. Here is the call, for every Ugandan to look up for example in history and follow in the footsteps and traditions of giants, and patriots in the struggle for freedom, democracy, and respect for the sanctity of the human being.  

Mr. Bobi Wine dreams about the seemingly impossible and visualizes beyond the present, but he is an ‘expectation’, and ‘presentation’ of the greater end of the Ugandan society especially the youth. It should have been expected that a figure would rise to fearlessly confront the repressive rule of Museveni, and the same is true that Mr. Bobi Wine doesn’t represent himself, he is a reflection of an oppressed People who are ready to die to see trying to end tyranny.

Here is a leader, a visionary leader equipped with the political willpower to end tyranny and alter the impoverished life of his people. Trust is the foundation of credibility they say, undoubtedly, in the last three years, Mr Bobi Wine has proven to be a servant leader with whom the affairs of the People of Uganda can be intrusted.

The End

Adequate materials have been written about leadership arguing a profusion of characteristics and qualities associated with “successful” or “effective” leaderships. I dare say no one can exhaust the subject like no leader can posse and manifest all the traits of leadership noting the complexities that surround it. However, all Ugandans would agree that knowledge and skills are fundamental requirements of any leadership.

If Museveni ever has knowledge and skills, he has lost them.

If Mr. Bobi Wine ever lacked knowledge and skills, he now acquired them.  

It is a contest between Dawn and Darkness. Vote Dawn Uganda, Vote Bobi Wine.

Don’t miss the opportunity Uganda!

Toney F Mendy

University of The Gambia.

[email protected]  

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