A United Democratic Party supporter and also a former Presidential Affairs Minister under Jammeh’s rule  Momodou Sabally has alleged that President Barrow and the suspects who have been linked to the seized cocaine knew each other, FREEDOM NEWSPAPER CAN REPORT.  Over two tons of cocaine was recently seized at the port of Banjul. It was found in a shipment that originated from South America, destined for Banjul. One of the suspects has been arrested, while the prime suspect, a Gambian French national, is said to be on the run.  “The president recently accused some leaders of political parties of working with criminals. But sadly, his tour came at a time when high profile criminal cases are surfacing. In the history of this nation, be it the first and second republic, the amount of cocaine that was seized at the port never happened in this country.  We are talking about four billion worth of cocaine street value seized during his watch. The people named, linked to the cocaine case and the President knew each other. The information that emerged so far suggests that the suspects and the President knew each other. I will curtail my comments on this issue until the final investigative report is out,” Sabally said in the local Mandinka dialect.

Sabally was addressing his M Sabally fans UDP club via Whatsapp. The audio was also shared on You-tube. He said The Gambia is now becoming a drug and arms hub.  He has warned the nation to brace up for the unexpected.

Sabally also cited the high-profile arms seizure case involving businessman Bubacarr Jawara, a close supporter of President  Barrow. Jawara was questioned by the police for importing arms without a valid permit.

Investigations into Jawara’s case was later terminated. He was never charged.

“This country is on the path to destruction. There are arms and cocaine, which are vices of  instability. This country is on the verge of being set ablaze. We should stand up and protect our country. Imagine the potential collateral damage that this country could suffer, if angry youths should have access to such dangerous weapons and narcotic? There is a disaster in waiting.  My commentary should not be viewed partisan, it transcends beyond partisan politics,” Sabally warns.

The controversial former Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister has also raised the recent seizure of large quantity of Moroccan hashish in the country. He said the National Drug Enforcement Agency is not doing its job properly. He has called on the National Assembly to step in and bailout the country from a potential disaster.

The Barrow State House could not be reached for immediate comment on Sabally disturbing and incriminating allegations.

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