Enough is enough! MC Chambers  should not be the one to direct me on how to do my news. He’s fun of asking me to read their news items during my news and it’s not the first time.

He sometimes begs me to say good things about kandeh, am having all evidence of him asking me to say good things about Kandeh even if that’s not the case,so let him not try my patience.


Am amongst the first people that read about the GDC political rally on Monday and on Tuesday (yesterday) I called honorable Alagie Sowe( deputy of Jimara constituency) and he explained everything that transpired at their political rally.

MC wants to be famous but let him not tarnish my image through lies and fabricated stories.

If he wants to be famous and people to hear from him let him establish his own media house.

I wouldn’t allow any political party to dictate or direct my work. Am not here for any political party.

Source: Mariama Jallow’s Facebook page.


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