The Gambia is now a drug hub nation. Adama Barrow is a drug dealer. Adama Barrow and his cabinet are into drug dealing. The thirty eight vehicles that Adama bought came from drug proceeds.  I Lang Sonko Kay is staying that Adama is a drug dealer. He will end up in jail. I am appealing to my followers to share this audio. I am speaking from my home in Brikama.

The religious leaders are sitting watching by,  Dembo Byforce, the Religious Affairs adviser, Ebrima G Sankareh, the two Ebrimas, are all sitting watching this country to destroy. Interpol had to come in and seize drugs in The Gambia, that is sad, Adama, you have messed up your life, you are doomed, you have nothing hereafter, this world we are living is about to end and we would all be judged for actions. Some of you following Adama, are not telling him the truth, be informed that Adama’s government is finished. Sir Dawada was here for 30 years, Yahya Jammeh was here for over twenty years and he is gone, Some of the crooks surrounding Barrow are economical with the truths. Dembo Byforce, your life is miserable. You think that this life is permanent. How can you watch by and allow drugs to come this country, Dembo, what is the essence of your senior citizenship status? Dembo, your story is a sad one. Religious leaders should weigh in and help save this country.

Adama is a polarizing figure. He has cultivated tribal politics in this country. He has divided our tribes. He has mixed the Mandinkas, and the Jollas, the Wollofs, and Fullas. One tribe cannot make any party to win elections. Adama has divided our tribes. He will end up in exile. He is going to loose all his assets.

Adama should consider a safe exit from the Presidency. I do not wish him death. He should consider running away. He will end up in prison. Your only business today is to provoke people. You have been foolishly bragging about being the President. You are a foolish man.

You are stealing our coffers. I feel sorry for the likes of Dembo Byforce and co. The Banjulian ministers, who are in your cabinet will not campaign for you. They will not talk.

EDITORS NOTE: Lang Sonko’s accusations against President Adama Barrow do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your kind attention.

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