The seized three-ton cocaine has been moved to the NDEA CTI station in Bijilo, a senior law enforcement insider told the Freedom Newspaper. The CTI station is headed by a school dropout Chief Superintendent Modou Bah. Bah has of recent been accused of having close ties with drug dealers.

According to a respected top Gambian law enforcement insider, who wished to remain anonymous, CTI is not the appropriate place to store the seized drugs. He said corrupt anti narcotic officers are going to steal the cocaine.

“As we speak, the about three tons of cocaine that was seized at the port of Banjul has been moved to the CTI office. This station is headed by a grade nine drop out Modou Baldeh. Baldeh is an errand officer for the corrupt NDEA DG Bakary Gassama, and Lamin Gassama, the Director of Operations, Investigations, Borders and Analysis. Baldeh is vulnerable to manipulation. That drug is going to be stolen, it would be recirculated into the market. Nothing is going to stop them from stealing that drug,” the insider said.

“Under normal circumstances, the seized cocaine should have been kept at the NDEA head office in Kairaba Avenue, under PIU armed guard. There is no serious protection at CTI. At CTI, it is being watched by NDEA officers. That station had this reputation of exhibit stealing. No one cares in this country. Could you imagine such a high-profile case being investigated by the NDEA alone? The police, SIS and other security agencies have been excluded. The bandits at the NDEA are overseeing the investigations. The IGP Mamout Jobe should have demanded the police’s representation in that probe. He is just watching the NDEA, no one from the police is taking part in the investigations,” the insider added.

According to NDEA insiders, Banta Keita’s business partner, has been questioned, but the agency is not keen at extending the investigations to some of the locals who were in constant touch with Banta, and Mr. Njie.

“President Barrow has no link to the seized drugs. There is no evidence to suggest that he is complicit to the seized drugs. The drugs were brought into the country by supporters of a prominent opposition party. They know what happened, they are just attacking him just for the sake of distraction. The head of the NDEA Bakary Gassama is a supporter of that opposition party. This case will not go anywhere. Banta Keita was helped to escape,” said the insider.

A recent press reports suggest that Barrow had met with European so called investors linked to drug related cases in Europe and Guinea Bissau. The meeting was held at the State House. Barrow hasn’t reacted to the damning press report that was published by the Malagan newspaper.

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