The Brusubi police have received a criminal complaint against Amadou Scattred Janneh, an Executive member of the United Democratic Party, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Janneh has been accused of defrauding over D5.2 million dalasis from three individuals that he allegedly sold a landed property, situated opposite the Brusubi police station just by the vegetable garden. He sold the said land to three different people, one whom was businessman Yusupha Saidy, the complaint reveals.  

Detective Sowe of the Brusubi police station is leading the investigations into Janneh’s alleged land fraud case. The police have been searching for Janneh to effect his arrest, but Janneh is said to be out of the jurisdiction of The Gambia. He is believed to be at his Savannah, Georgia home in the United States.

Speaking to the Freedom Newspaper, Yusupha Saidy, has confirmed filing a criminal complaint against Amadou Scattered Janneh. The complaint was filed at the Brusubi police station.

Saidy said his complaint followed endless efforts to receive his land papers from Janneh with success. He added that he bought the land in question from Amadou Scattered Janneh for D2.2 million dalasi. He said he never knew that Janneh had sold the same land to two other buyers.

Janneh has also received money for the said land from one Mr. Touray, the owner of the Tech World Petrol station. Another person also paid him D1million dalasis for the land.

Saidy said he was never issued the lease papers of the land he bought from Janneh. He said the land that Janneh sold him was allocated to Janneh’s Commit company during Jammeh’s rule.

When the change of government occurred in December of 2016, he said Janneh was still availed ownership of the land by the new government.

Facing cash problems, Janneh then offered to sell him the land. Saidy agreed and paid him D2.2 million dalasis. He said there were witnesses present when Janneh came to his office to receive the money. He said one Modou Sanneh, AKA Alex was one of his witnesses.

Sanneh has filed a statement with the Brusubi police to confirm Saidy’s criminal complaint against Janneh.

Sanneh is the owner of the defunct Okay Gambia Real Estate. It was Sanneh who introduced him to Janneh.

Yusupha Saidy said he was shocked to learn that Mr. Touray of the Tech World Petrol Station had started construction at the land he bought from Amadou Janneh. Touray is a native of Gunjur.

A frustrated Yusupha Saidy said he has been pursuing Mr. Janneh for over a year without getting his land papers. He also said Janneh had cut off all lines of communication with him since this past December.

Janneh, he said, has been sending audio messages to his friend Modou Sanneh, asking Sanneh to plead on his behalf so that he (Saidy) could give him time to settle the D2.2 million dalasis that he took from him.

Contacted for comment, Mr. Janneh said it was news to him that Yusupha Saidy has filed a police complaint against him.

“That is news to me. I am not aware of any criminal complaint filed against me by Yusupha Saidy. I am just hearing it now,” Janneh said in a Facebook messenger conversation.

Dr. Janneh has denied defrauding Mr. Saidy or any other Gambian. He confirmed selling the land in question to Mr. Saidy.

According to Mr. Janneh, he never knew that he was supposed to develop the land that was allocated to his company by the then Jammeh government before he could sell it. He said he was told by the land Ministry that he was supposed to develop and lease the land before selling it.

Janneh said he had offered to allocate another land to Mr. Saidy or refund him his money. He said Alex Sanneh could bear him witness.

Mr. Saidy, he went on, has informed Alex that he wants to be allocated another land. Janneh is not opposed to that request.

When asked whether he has sold the said land to three different people, Janneh responded in the negative. He said the land in question was only sold to Yusupha Saidy, and no one else.

Further quizzed whether he sold the land to Mr. Touray of the Tech World Petrol Sation, Janneh replied in the negative. He said Touray is his cousin and was helping him to develop the land.

“Touray is my cousin. I usually drive his car when I am in town. He is helping me to develop the land. He just saw Touray working there and he doesn’t know what he is doing. I never sold the land to Touray,” Janneh said.

Janneh said Yusupha Saidy’s accusations were premised on assumptions, devoid of truth. He said Touray hasn’t bought any land from him.

When asked whether he was on the run, Janneh said he hasn’t done anything wrong that would warrant him to flee from the country. He said he traveled to the United States so that he could take part in the just concluded Georgia Senatorial elections. Janneh went as far as providing his air ticket to the Freedom Newspaper to show us his scheduled date of return to The Gambia.

Janneh has reaffirmed his willingness to allocate another land to Yusupha Saidy. He maintained that he is an upright guy, with an unquestionable reputation. He added that he would not engage in any shady deals that would damage his reputation.

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