Former Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister Momodou Sabally has branded his former colleague Foreign Minister Momodou Tangara as a liar, who is out to deceive and mislead The Gambian population on the recent deportation agreement that his government had reached with the Swiss authorities. Sabally contends that Tangara’s press release was not only devoid of the truth but was also meant to conceal an agreement that the Barrow government had with the Swiss government to deport Gambian migrants. He insists that the desperate Foreign Minister is lying to the public by communicating false information. Sabally was speaking in an interview with Freedom radio Gambia on Wednesday.

“I think the press release was a deliberate attempt to misinform and deceive Gambians for their own political interest. The two government had signed an agreement for the deportation of Gambian migrants in Switzerland, an agreement that was signed more than week ago, and the Swiss authorities did a press release on that; published on their official website. This government never made a single statement about it,” Sabally remarked.

According to Sabally, the government’s fabricated lies, followed the exposure of the story by the opposition. Sabally was in the countryside to inform parents about the planned deportations.

“Everything in that press release is false and they are trying to hoodwink innocent Gambians, but Gambians are wide awake, and they have actually failed in their attempt to misrepresent the facts of the mission to Switzerland,” Sabally said.

Mr. Sabally notes that migration is not a crime and it is wrong for the Barrow government to succumb to Western pressure to deport their nationals.

“This government is not interested in the welfare of Gambians, but they are interested in their own welfare. I know that one the threats that the Europeans are using is that government officials might be sanctioned and be denied opportunities. So, it is a government that doesn’t care about the welfare of her people and anything that these Europeans want, this government would agree to, it is a doogo, doogo foreign policy. And you know what doogo, doogo means in the Wollof language, it is about subservience and that is the reason why they would sign such an agreement,” he said.

“It is very unfortunate and very unfair; it is bad enough for Tanagara to go and sign an agreement to deport our young people. It is worst for him to make a press release that is false. That’s is the lowest of him, deliberately give out false information to Gambians, who pay his salary,” he added.

Sabally said the deportation agreement between the two countries was signed when Tangara and Vice President Isatou Touray recently traveled to Switzerland. He has called on the government to be honest with The Gambian people and stop trafficking lies and misinformation.

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