Kebba Sawanneh speaks on PSV Wellingara bright start to the Gambian second division

Kebba Sawanneh speaks on PSV Wellingara bright start to the Gambian second division

By Buba Jallow Fallaboweh
Kebba Sawanneh has touched on his club’s great start to the 2021 Gambian second division league.
The Wellingara based team opened this year’s second division with two wins against Infantry and Bombada.
Sawaneh who is the head coach and one of the longest serving coaches in all divisions gave his impressions about their output so far.
Promised land
Our target is to go to the promised land, we were there before, we were not able to maintain our status so we got relegated. We fought hard last season to return but the corona pandemic came in between. The league was cancelled, it was disappointing but we have to accept it in good faith. This time around, we took it from where we left off last season, we are on that same trend . I feel getting back to the promise land is possible because we have been able to get new players in our setup. Our setup is more organized this year than previous seasons and we believe that is another plus for us.
Success is the outcome of commitment
The secret behind the impressive run is down to unity. You have to be committed , if you are not committed, we just try to excuse you and give chance to those we know are committed and wants to move on. We always want everyone in our setup to be concentrated. Once you are in our setup, you have to work hard, that’s what we believe in. You have to work for the team.
Excellent run
There is no year in previous seasons that we started the league with a defeat. The five seasons we spent in the second division, we begun our campaigns with a win. There are even some years that we won our first two matches.
Premature for title favorites

I won’t agree that PSV Wellingara will win the second division title, it’s too early to predict that one, very premature right now. There are lots of better teams in the second division not PSV alone. Second division is full of formidable clubs, teams that you know can all win the league. It’s a mountain to climb and also we still have a long way to go. Winning two games does not mean you can win the league. Consistency is the only thing which can make it happen. Some teams are not winning right now but once they get their momentum, it will be competitive in the rest of the matches. No team should be ruled out.

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