Pre Nationwide Tour Statement by Gambia For All Party

GAMBIA FOR ALL (GFA)                   Pre Nationwide Tour Statement by Gambia For All Party

1. The Gambia for All party, with the Party Leader and Secretary General Bakary Bunja Dabo,

    send sincere greetings to fellow compatriots.

2. The party is about to embark on a nationwide tour to meet, greet, and explain to Gambians the difficulties we are facing as a country, and how GFA, under the experienced leadership of Bakary Bunja Dabo,

will work with them to find solutions to the serious challenges facing our nation.

3. The Gambia for All Party (GFA) is aware of the divisions that have been created amongst our once unified people by the last two administrations for political expediency. The party is determined to

bring The Gambia back to its glory days, with economic and social prosperity that should leave no one


4. Fellow compatriots, we all know that Gambians suffered a lot over the last two decades, but yet

decided to consign that era to the history books. Gambians put their hope and faith in the new dispensation, which unfortunately has been disappointing in its delivery of necessary change.

5. GFA is the party that can tackle youth unemployment, give preeminence to Agriculture, deal with the

deficient education system, and solve the healthcare crisis that is currently gripping the

country. GFA is the party that has declared war on corruption, and will make sure that Gambians enjoy the

full benefits of their national resources.

6. GFA is a pro family political partyThis means we believe in improving the economic and social wellbeing of Gambian families, so that they will not be held hostage by unscrupulous politicians who only offer

them periodic cash handouts as a means to maintaining their grip on the population. Gambians are

proud and hard working people. We (GFA) know that they prefer to be given better economic opportunities than short term cash handouts, which in reality is money from their own tax Dalasis, but made to look like a gift.

7. We want to remind Gambians that the 2021 election must be seen as the most consequential election

since independence in 1965. This is the first election since then, that we face the possibility of losing our

country to criminal minded drug syndicates, or other foreign entities that seem to hold our nation to ransom.

8. We are therefore, inviting all Gambians to join Gambia For All party. With its tried and tested leadership, GFA will get our country out of the mess its in. We will give priority to our Gambian youths, Gambian women, Gambian farmers, and Gambian owned businesses to foster economic growth and eradicate destitution.                GFA Communications WATOSITA, WAHTUBI JOTNA.  

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