It doesn’t look like the United Democratic Party (UDP) is going to win the 2021 Presidential elections, according to political observers. Adama Barrow appears to be the most outstanding candidate to win the elections. The UDP’s future under Darboe is not only bleak, but uncertain. Despite Barrow’s leadership shortcomings, Voters prefer Barrow than Darboe under any given day, I was told by one observer. The UDP, the observer went on, is a cult party that has been reputed to be violent and out of touch with the political realities on the ground. The party is good at making noise, insulting its opponents, communicating threats, but there is this stigma associated with this old party: It operates tribally, it lacks the trust, and support of other ethnic groups, it also lacks morality. This is a party that welcomes thieves, former Jammeh enablers, and tribalists.

Adama Barrow is UDP’s biggest headache. He used to be part of their party, and he understand how that party operates.

Darboe is an old man, who needs to retire. He candidature would only avail Barrow another mandate.

Gambians don’t have faith in Darboe. Darboe’s leadership would only cause instability for this peaceful country. He has no control over his poorly educated supporters.

With Barrow, the media has nothing to worry about what report about. They are not at liberty to speak truth to power.

Darboe hasn’t ascended to the Presidency, and yet his supporters are bullying the media. Media houses who report stories critical of Darboe and his UDP are often insulted, threatened with death, and cancels out.

The UDP is the only party that promotes the media cancel culture in The Gambia. Media houses who don’t toe to the party’s bully supporters are often cancelled.

With the three-ton cocaine burst, Darboe’s supporters have been lying against Barrow and his administration.

In order to solicit a reaction from Barrow’s government, they resort to trafficking lies just for the sake of it. They have falsely accused Barrow of being complicit into the impounded drugs, even there is no evidence available linking Barrow and his administration into the drugs.

Based on what we know, Banta Keita is holding three different passports: He has a Gambian passport, French Passport, and a Malian passport.

The French government has long been trailing him. He is a person of interest, according to the French police.

Since Ousainou Darboe has no prospect of winning the December 2021 elections, he has resorted to spreading lies by using his social media proxies. He is just wasting his time. He is not going to make it, he is politically doomed, he is a spent force with no relevance.

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