773 Junior Officers Climb To A Higher Rank

Up to seven hundred and seventy three police officers (773) got elevated to a higher rank in 2020. The promotion goes from First Class Constable to Chief Inspector, as the country’s law enforcement body continues to struggles to fulfill the mission it has been entrusted.
The revelation was made by Police spokesperson, Superintendent Lamin Njie who confided to this medium that 65 of them have received the insignia of their new rank during a decoration ceremony that took place on February 11, 2021.
As the tiny West African nation has launched the security sector reform (SSR), the Police constitute one the leading targets of the reforms. This latest promotion aims at boosting the institution’ security output as law enforcement officers are expected to consitently working their best and to remain dedicated to the profession.
According to Police spokesperson, out of the 773 junior police officers, 65 got promoted to the rank of Chief Inspector, 103 to Inspector, 146 to Sub-Inspector, 135 to Sergeant, 213 to Corporal and 111 to First Class Constable.
Written by Abdoulie John
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