Independence day celebration is and should be nothing but a day of reflection and of course jubilation owing to the fact that it is sacrosanct. The song of immense struggle achieve with sweat and diplomacy by our illustrious icons has to encho and vibrate in every corner of the vicinity of the smiling Coast of mother Africa, The Gambia. It would be of immense value if each and every patriotic and bonafide Gambian reflects on the commendable achievement of our great independent strugglers. It’s without a scintilla of doubt that they had done all means possible for us to witness this historical moment.
Notwithstanding, It’s an irrefutable fact that we’re yet to achieve a modern and well developed Nation that the founding fathers had aspired and yearned for. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t prevent us from celebrating the commendable and concerted effort they had rendered for this country and its people to live in freedom under God and not in bondage under their fellow men. As the living sons and daughters of the nation, we should vehemently try and instill the culture of Patriotism and Nationalism in us. We have to work together as one people with one goal and move forward as one nation as enshrined in our National Pledge in actualizing the dreams and aspiration of our motherland.
We can do it. Yes we can! We are the solution to our problems. Instead of viewing party politics as a tool of disintegration, villification and condemnation, let’s see it as an opportunity for bringing divergent views on issues of national interest. Moreover, let’s disagree to agree on national issues in a constructive and respectful manner for the betterment of our nation. At this juncture, the fundamental question we should ask ourselves is : what should we do as individuals and as a whole to have a better Gambia for us and the unborn generation? Thus, I indulge every patriotic Gambian to reflect on this question and work out for a positive response.
May the mercy of Allah(swt) be unto our late grand fore bearers, the like of Edward Francis Small, Sir Dawda Jawara, J.C Faye, Sajally Bojang, P.S Njie, Garba Jahumpa, St Clair Joof, M.E Mbye etc.
I sum up by reminding you of a slogan that ought to be embraced and chanted by all and sundry: #One Gambia
#One people
#one Nation
Written by: Abdoulie Nelson Jallow
A political science student of the university of The Gambia

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