Dear Editor,

Many formidable supporters  of UDP couldn’t understand why so many NPP supporters were so excited or made noises  to have Mr Suku Abdoulie Singhateh in their party . Politically speaking , Mr Singhateh’s heart was never fully in for UDP because for 22 long years he was Former President Yaya Jammeh’s enabler who even voted for State of Emergency during the political impasse. He never wanted President Adama Barrow to be in power in the first place. Clearly he is looking for cheap political opportunity for personal enrichment since he has changed political positions twice in the past four years. He only joined UDP after Jammeh was defeated and exiled to Equatorial Guinea. Like many political opportunists , he should be expected to jump ship. He never believed in the ideals of UDP which are constitutional rule, the rule of law and human rights for all citizens. It was a huge mistake to accord him Executive Position in the party . UDP is a great party of resilience and diverse people with forward thinking ideas for promotion of democracy and economic empowerment of citizenry. UDP fought against dictatorship in the country for very long time in order to end political oppression and dictatorship. During those difficult years, the party have lost so many patriots who wanted to see democracy and rule of law prevail in the Gambia . Mr Singhateh never sacrificed to emancipate Gambian people from clutches of political oppression and lawlessness. In fact he was dining and whining with the dictator and promoted policies in the National Assembly that prolonged political oppression in the country. He was a closed ally of Baba K Jobe, Jammeh’s political Godfather and Mentor. As far as his political significant is concerned, Mr Singhateh is not a heavyweight politician in the country at large. He is from  Baddibu where former President Yaya Jammeh did very badly during the last presidential election. Legislatively he is also not a policy hawk who truly wanted to change the socioeconomic conditions of Gambian people. He is like another Seedy Njie , Pa Njie Girigara or Samba Pateh who jumped into NPP bandwagon because of personal political ambitions. We will continue to see many Samba Patehs pledging allegiance to Mr Barrow as a result of lack of progressive political principle or ideology. These people are not interested to fight corruption and lawlessness in the country but deeply care about their pockets. At the end of euphoria, he is back to where he truly belong. Majority of people in Mr Barrow’s inner circle are former President Jammeh’s officials who played a leading role in 2016 political impasse which almost led to civil war in our country.

UDP’s strategy should be to campaign for change by reminding Gambian people that President Adama Barrow is continuing the same bad policies that had widen poverty and social divide in the country. Many genuine and intelligent citizens who truly care to change the trajectory of the country have realized that President Adama Barrow is not a change agent. The evidences are the recycling of former President Jammeh’s key officials as well as failure to implement coalition reform agenda. Mr Barrow’s failure and lack of vision are indeed greatest disappointments for our country. The failures are in many fronts. Among Mr Barrow’s failure is the new draft constitution , which the administration wastefully spent 116 million Dalasis and currently they are trying to revive the very draft they have rejected at the National Assembly. The latest efforts to revive the draft constitution is an indication that Mr Barrow and his cronies are not serious about making changes in the country. The President who believe that corruption is not a dirty word and national security concern,  reluctantly failed to implement Janneh’s commission recommendations and deviantly selectively employed corrupt officials who are  adversely affected by the commission. These corrupt officials are now serving key positions in his administration.The security sector reform is also  a very significant reform agenda considering the human rights violations that took place in the country during Jammeh’s years but Barrow’s administration woefully failed to carry out any meaningful progress in the sector. Consequently he depends on Senegal for his personal protection and hired top security officials who have been responsible for various human rights violations under their watch .

The country continues to face poor political and economic uncertainties during this pandemic as the death rate increases with short supply of basic medical supply while tribal politics became the hallmark of NPP political winning strategy. Our statehouse is an auditioning place where tribal leaders constantly pledge tribal allegiance to the president at the expense of national unity and efforts to defeat tribalism. Today tribalism  and tribal politics are more prominent and profound than when the former President Yaya Jammeh was in power because of Mr Barrow’s desire to use tribalism to entrench himself in power. Our sovereignty is already undermined since Senegal is in control of our domestic politics, national security and economy. The Gambia is essentially another Province of Senegal due to incompetence of Governor Barrow who can’t make intelligent policies decisions without consulting with President Macky Sall. Our police forces are attacked on daily basis by Senegalese drivers while citizens who live at border villages faces monthly military incursions or assaults. The worst is yet to come as we pass beyond 2021 presidential election because Mr Barrow and Senegalese Macky Sall plans to outsource the jobs of our national police forces to Senegalese, Ivorians and other French speaking countries. Our national local languages and English language will be extinct and the country would be in reality a French Colony. This is scary time for our country. The Gambia we grew up with and used to know will be gone thanks to clueless and incompetent leadership of Barrow and uneducated folks in his inner circle. The sad thing is that NPP political surrogates are either uneducated or school dropouts. Thus they do not have an idea how to govern and lack knowledge about what is in the best interest of the country. Even those Diaspora surrogates never been to college or do not complete associate degree. These are folks who bought their tickets to grace NPP launching. Our Nation is in crisis and We have National identity crisis. In the near future The Gambia Armed forces might be led by top Senegalese military officials as the country continuing to fight MFDC rebel forces in the Southern Senegal. The Gambian people needs to wake up and take back our country. The country which national security apparatus depends on foreign powers and their proxies is not a sovereign country. This is The Gambia we have under President Barrow.

Thank you
Maxs Jarju

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