Barrow Stresses The Need For Sovereignty To Match With Security

President Adama Barrow has reminded Gambians that sovereignty should be matched with the ability of the country to ensure security for its citizens and all those living within the confine of its territorial space.
“The Gambia’s attainment of Political Independence on 18th February, 1965 was chiefly about sovereignty and self-determination,” the Gambian leader said in his Independence Day’s address delivered today at the McCarthy Square in Banjul.
The Gambia’s attainment of international sovereignty was commemorated today across the country in the midst of a global pandemic that has devastating impacts on the country’s development efforts. Over these past 56 years, Gambia’s political independence has been put in jeopardy as the country is yet to reach economic independence.
“Our sovereignty should be measured, therefore, by the extent of our security as a nation and as individuals,” Barrow said while indicating that it should be tied to the respect of people’s aspirations as civil liberties and freedoms are to be upheld.
He then added that his government will continue to push ahead with policies that would allow Gambians to ensure the “realisation of their potential individually as members of a nation, family and society.”
“Sovereignty, as a key focus of this address, entails Government engagement in circumstances wherein the State and people are one unified, solid entity,” he remarked.
Embracing the country’s diversity, President Barrow seized the opportunity to draw the attention of the gathering to the fact “our identity as a nation is characterised by our cultures, which are informed by our individual beliefs, principles and actions.”
President Barrow assured that he will make sure that the different arms of government and the security sector are involved in the decision’s making process, as his “Administration will continue to defend the sovereignty of the country, and protect the freedoms and liberties of the people.”
Written by Abdoulie John
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