Armed robbers have stolen over D6.5 million dalasis from Gambia’s AA Financial Service and Bureau De Change Limited, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The robbery happened over the weekend around Sukuta. The Operations Director of the Forex company was said to have been robbed by seven armed men. The robbers fled with D6.5 million dalasis cash, and laptops. One person was hurt in the head as he was hit with a gun butt by the robbers.

The incident happened little past midnight on Sunday. The management of AA Financial Service have reported the incident to the Brusubi police.

The police have visited the scene of the crime. Statements have been obtained from the management of the Forex company.  No arrest has been made yet. The armed robbers are said to be at large.

A security analyst notes that it was risky for the AA Operations Director to travel with such a huge amount of cash at that time of the night without being escorted by trained security officers. The analyst also notes that it is unusual for Forex workers to possess D6.5 million dalasis in their possession outside working hours. The analyst added that in a normal situation, the funds should have been deposited to the bank before close of business or kept at a safe for onward transmission to the bank.

“The Forex staff should be properly investigated. There is some form of abdication of responsibility here. D6.5 million dalasis is not a small amount of money. The investigations should not just be confined to the robbers. It should be expanded,” the analyst stated.

The Gambia has of recent witnessed surge in crime rate. Petty stealing, and armed robbery have been on the increase.

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