Dear Pa Nderry,

Please I wish to thank you in helping innocent and hardworking Gambians for getting refunds from various dubious real estate companies. There is no control over the way and manner estate agencies are license to operate in Gambia, the truth is the Government is not helping either. I understand there is an association of real estate companies in the Gambia headed by Aziz Bensouda (Fine Gentleman), but dubious and corrupt real estates(like African Properties) are not part of this because it’s not mandatory to join.

I am also a victim of the African properties scam just like many other Gambians. In 2017, I bought a piece of land from African properties on a mortgage at their then Jambur estate when the Sukuta-Jambanjelly road project just started. The estate use to be called Galaxy properties. Old wine in a new bottle that what I call them, just change of name but the same dubious activities/people. So later I learned that the said jambur estate was a family disputed land and the estate company realizes this but still continue to receive monthly payment plans from customers. It was until when it was time to do a site visit that I and other customers realized that this was just a scam because there is no ‘Jambur estate’ like they are claiming.

So I keep following them for my refund because I have already paid in D20,000 and wrote to the General Manager(another scammer and woman who does not tell the truth) about a refund for it is evident that their so called ‘Jambur estate’ is a fantasy and not real. Until today I cannot get my refund of D20,000 back and I cannot also have access to any other property. I had several arguments with Naffie Senghore(GM) and that Astou Cham(Finance) for my refund. Once I had a bitter argument with RUDE Astou Cham and was calm down by one Mr. NJIE who claim to be the Adviser and he promised that I would get my money back but this has still not yield any return. For the past year, the amount of phone calls I placed to Mr. Njie can even be more costly than my that D20,000 and so I resort to you(Freedom newspaper for help). When I saw the story about African properties with Omar Jatta UK and that they reach a payment plan, I was surprised and said to myself that this people(African properties) are playing with me.

This Astou Cham is so rude and doesn’t know how to treat or approach customers with respect. She will only smile when you come to deposit but for refunds she is always like a crazy little girl. Now I understand why she keeps doing that because she is the wife of the Managing Director of the estate. The other time I advised Mr. Njie the adviser to fire this Astou Cham before she drives away all the customers.

My advice to anyone reading this, PLZ PLZ PLZ let know body buy any property with AFRICAN PROPERTIES because they don’t own any land. I have given referrals to a lot of people who until today cannot get access to any of their lands.

I even bought another land from them at theirKASSAKUNDA Estate but until today I cannot have access to a claim they have been making of Demarcating this said property and allocating the land to me and other customers. Some 2 weeks ago they called me for my land allocation and when I get to the estate, they said their vehicle they are going with is full and maybe I will go with them the following weekend but that is still not done.

On a final note I wish to state that I have meet the MD and all my dealings was with the General Manager-Naffie Senghore who since last year does not pick my calls because she is always lying to me about my refund and promised me payment plans that they cannot meet or fulfill.

I wanted to resort to the courts but because of time constraint and the nature of our courts and the delay in getting Judgments is what warrant me to use this one-line medium, who are  really credited with helping out with this kind of issues.

Amadou Bah





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